How to remove moisture odor from clothing

Moisture odor from clothing

It has happened to all of us that when we choose a direct garment from the closet, or take the children’s already clean uniforms out of the laundry area, the clothes have a marked musty smell.

This occurs when we store it and it is not yet completely dry, or when we leave it in a place without ventilation.

Moisture odor from clothing

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For those times when time is of the essence, we bring you these “dry” solutions.

Steam. The big chains of stores use this trick when they take the merchandise out of the boxes or containers just before displaying them, curious, isn’t it? All you need is a steam bath for your clothes, either with the iron or simply by opening the hot water tap in the shower. In just a couple of minutes you’ll notice how the musty smell literally evaporates.

Another tactic is to mix a little baking soda, the household cleaner par excellence, in 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup water. Place the solution in a spray container and spray on the front and back of garments that have a damp smell. Let them dry for 5 minutes and ready to get dressed!

Alcohol. No, we are not referring to the isopropyl in the first aid kit, but to one of the most concentrated drinks available: vodka. Take a cotton handkerchief and imprint it lightly. Afterwards, just run it quickly through damp smelling garments, especially jeans, thick fabric trousers and jackets. Calm down! This aroma dissipates very quickly.

Cold. Of all, this is the longest form, but if you have half an hour you can apply it without problem. It’s the old trick of “freezing” clothes in a bag. Remember, when you take it out, you’ll have to air it before you put it on.

Eme Tips: It is possible to use your favorite perfume with any of these alternatives, as the fragrances will not collide.

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