How to Remove the Moisture Odor from Tennis

Moisture Odor from Tennis

One of the things that usually happens with the footwear that is used and more precisely, with slippers is that for one reason or another certain take an unpleasant and pasty smell of moisture that causes on the one hand, discomfort by the foul odor that give off and on the other hand, the impossibility of being able to use them until you can solve this “bad smell” problem.

Luckily, there are some homemade methods or tricks that can be the best remedies to combat this stinking inconvenience and so, once and for all remove or remove that bad smell of moisture that take the shoes and that bother quite a bit, right?

Moisture Odor from Shoes
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So here, in Practical Resources we will leave you these tricks to eliminate the smell of humidity of your beloved slippers and this way, do not stop using them because of a bad smell.

Tricks to remove the odor of moisture from sneakers

If your shoes have a penetrating odor of moisture you can follow some of these tips to get rid of them, take note.

Hand wash your slippers

The first indication is precisely that you wash the shoes by hand and by the way, separately from the laces and the insoles.

To do this, use some detergent, water and a brush that you must rub carefully but, neatly on the outside and inside of each of the shoes and then, they should be dried in the air or helped with a dryer and if they are leather shoes do not put them directly in the direct sun because they are damaged.

Use tea bags

Did you know that tea bags can absorb moisture and eliminate odors? Well, to use this method will have to take some tea bags (you can also use chamomile, lemon, etc..) but, which are very dry (practically dissected) and introduce them into the slippers especially in the part of the tips, edges, heel and so on, will be left overnight to do their homework and the next day, notice the slippers somewhat drier and without that bad smell.

Use Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate is a compound that has so many uses and properties and one of these is certainly the ability to absorb odors.

Then, to make use of this trick you will have to powder the inside of your shoes with baking soda and let it rest overnight so that it takes effect and the next day, pour out the dust and you will notice that the smell and the humidity have dissipated.

If you wish for this trick you can use a filter and put the bicarbonate inside then, seal it with rubber or staple and introduce them in the shoes during the whole night and thus, you do not have to dust them the next day and you avoid possible stains with this compound on the skin of the shoes.

Use salt

Another simple method used to counteract moisture and therefore the bad smell in the shoes is simply to add or spray a little salt inside the shoes and leave it overnight so that it absorbs moisture and the foul smell decreases or disappears.

Use alcohol and water

This other trick is simple to do and you will need an empty spray bottle and add a part of alcohol and another part of water and then spray the inside of the shoes with this solution and let them pray for a while and with this, alcohol will do its job which is to kill bacteria and therefore remove the bad smell.

Use vinegar and water

For this trick you should put in some container about 2 cups of vinegar and between 6 to 8 liters of water approximately and then soak in the mixture the slippers and leave a couple of hours and then this, remove the slippers and wash them by hand with such, remove the smell of vinegar, dry them in the air and realize that the smell of moisture disappeared.

Using the freezer

It may seem a little crazy, but the truth is that it’s a good trick to get rid of the ugly smell of sneakers.

To do this, they will take the slippers and put them in a sealable plastic bag or in two each in a bag and put them fearlessly in the freezer all night long. The next day, they will remove them and voila, the smell has disappeared because the cold largely kills the fungus and bacteria that causes the bad smell in the slippers.

Use Lavender

Another interesting trick to use for stinking slippers is the aromatic lavender and if they have much better sage because they act synergistically to eliminate odors.

Take some sage twigs and others of lavender and simply put them inside the slippers and leave them outdoors for a while so that they act and can kill the bacteria and remove the bad smell.

Using orange or lemon peels (air fresheners)

The fragrance of orange or lemon peels can be excellent natural air fresheners for sneakers. They must peel the oranges or lemons and then put the peel inside the shoes for a few hours or overnight so that they are impregnated with a natural citrus scent.

Using coffee beans (air freshener)

The grains of coffee expel a pleasant and penetrating smell that can serve perfectly for this foul mess and to use it it will be enough, with taking some grains and putting them inside the shoes when they do not use them -at night-, so that its smell penetrates in the shoes and disappears the bad smell.

Using shoe air fresheners or others

As other reasonable options to remove that unpleasant smell in slippers are precisely, spray deodorants and others such as anti-odor creams, talcum powder or charcoal insoles that somehow avoid these odors or else, placate them and are a good option for this type of problems.

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