Benefits of Music During Pregnancy

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  1. Benefits of Music
    1. When does the baby listen?
    2. Like putting music on my baby's belly?
    3. What's the best music the baby can hear?
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Benefits of Music

Life is better if it is accompanied by good music, at least so say several studies that point out that each person's favorite melodies make the body release endorphins, generating a feeling of pleasure.

The novelty is that this pleasure in music comes long before we see the world for the first time.

Music During Pregnancy

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Human hearing develops from the moment it is in the mother's womb, so experts advise awakening the baby's musical taste before it is born.

More and more studies support the benefits of musical notes in babies still in their mother's womb.

However, there are still many doubts on the part of mothers as to when, how and which music is the most appropriate to place so that the baby can listen from the womb.

When does the baby listen?

Many studies have been done about the right time to put music on the baby. Babies were recently believed to develop the auditory system between 20 and 25 weeks, but the latest research indicates that this may start many weeks earlier.

A study carried out at the Marquez Institute in Barcelona showed that from the 16th week onwards the baby responds to the musical stimuli that come directly from the vagina by means of a device developed by this institute.

In this way, the researchers noticed that babies moved and pulled out their tongues every time they listened to music. However, if it is external, the musical sounds will be heard more faintly at 25 weeks.

Like putting music on my baby's belly?

Many mothers use to put music to the baby through headphones in the belly to ensure that the baby is more likely to hear the melody, however care should be taken not to turn the volume up too high because it could be counterproductive.

Putting music at 50 decibels is the ideal recommendation, so your baby will enjoy the sound without any discomfort that may disturb it.

You don't necessarily have to put the music directly on it, but it has to be ambient sound so you can enjoy the song too and that will also make the baby feel good.

Make sure that when you put the music on you are relaxed, so that your baby associates the sound with a state of tranquility. Some studies affirm that babies who calm down inside the belly with the sound of a song also do so when they are born and hear that same melody.

What's the best music the baby can hear?

The musical preferences are very varied and each one of the mothers surely has her favorite genre or song that she will want her baby to listen to, however there is a type of music that, according to the experts, is better for the development of your child.

The classics are the ones that, according to the researchers, have the best reaction in the small ones.

The sounds that the melodies of Mozart and Vivaldi have are what have the best effect on babies, relaxing them and calming them when they are most restless.

In addition, a study carried out by the English researcher Michele Clements points out that the style of classical music stimulates the neurons of the child, mainly the areas linked to creativity.

So relax to the rhythm of the music and enjoy a good melody with your baby.

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