My cell phone camera doesn’t show up in the applications.

I need to erase or restore the camera data from my Android phone and I can’t find it, what happens?

Many users are having this problem on their devices, they do not find the apk of the camera in the application manager.

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Faced with this problem we have made a small guide to teach a simple solution.

We will also try to solve more problems of this application, read each of the solutions.

How do I get my cell phone camera back?

This process is quite simple and perhaps more than one has already done so, for those who do not yet hope it will serve them and help repair their mobile.

1. The first thing you need to do is to enter your cell phone settings and access the application manager option. Here you can manage all the apps that we have installed in our terminal. Logically here should be this camera app but it is not.

2. After searching in the “All” tab without getting results we should go to the other “Disabled” tab. Here where is the apk of the camera of our mobile, we must click on the application and we must activate it.

3. So that we do not have this error again we must update the app and for it we have to enter Play Store. We access our applications and here we update the multimedia app.

This should fix the error when it does not appear in the application list. If you go on.

The camera was erased from my Android Nougat and Marshmallow.

This is not normal as operating system applications cannot be deleted. It is only possible to remove the camera from an Android cell phone by having super user (root) permissions. Maybe what really happened was that it wasn’t deleted, it was disabled or deactivated.

One solution to this problem is to install a new application to take pictures and record videos. There are many and very good alternatives that far surpass the original Android apk. You’re going to stop thinking and look to repair: “I uninstall the camera on my cell phone”.

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Cannot access the camera on Android Lollipop

One of the problems that almost all Android cell phones have sooner or later is that you can’t establish a connection with the camera. It also happens that you can not start or access, for this type of problems there are some 3 solutions.

1. Clear the data from the camera to reset everything: When the error is slight, it is only solved with a restart of the cell phone. But in some cases you need to clear the application’s data and cache. This works for many more apps that are having similar problems.

2. Restore the entire terminal: If after trying the first solution the camera has not been repaired, as a more general solution you should format the device. This should put an end to the whole problem and we talk about the whole mobile, after doing this you will have everything as new.

3. Updating or flashing a new rom: It happens that after resetting the mobile the error persists and continues to fuck. In this case there is this last solution which is what will put an end to any error in your mobile. Just download a rom (software) compatible with the Android model and version of your terminal.

Compatible devices to fix the camera in Android

As long as it is Android all devices are going to be compatible with these solutions. In particular we have tested these solutions on devices such as:

Samsung Galaxy, Lg, Motorola, Sony, Htc, Moto G, Xiaomi, Nokia, Huawei, among other brands. In Android Froyo, Kitkat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat and the next Android O.

General recommendations

When the mobile has a problem related to the native system or apps, before searching or making a solution it is better to be informed before. Many people make the mistake of trying to repair their cell phone without backing it up.

When you do a Google search related to an Android error, type the Android version, cell phone brand, and model. This will give you more specific and effective results.

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