5 tips and natural care for your very dry hands

At work or in our daily tasks, our hands are in constant use. This means that they tend to dry out and become damaged quickly.

And that’s as good as saying that the use of hydroalcoholic gel in this time of pandemic does not help.

dry hands

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The cuticles are then in a critical state and dry spots appear. Discomfort and even cracks can become a big problem.

To make your damaged, dry and rough hands soft, pleasant and comfortable again, these few home care and natural remedies are perfect.

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Some good habits to adopt besides the natural care of dry hands

First of all, drink a lot. All the creams in the world won’t do anything for your hands if you don’t drink!

In addition, always have a moisturizer on hand to nourish your skin after each shower and hand washing.

You can even leave a tube of it next to the soft soap you use on the edge of the sink. This way, there are no more excuses to forget about moisturizing your skin.

We also strongly recommend that you wear gloves when cleaning. This will reduce the risk of damaging your hands and nails with household products or dishwater.

Natural basic care for dry hands: exfoliation and hydration

Performed once a week, the exfoliant removes the dead cells that cause the skin to become rough.

It also prepares the skin for the skin care products to be applied. Here, you can for example mix one dose of olive oil with 2 doses of fine sugar or coffee beans.

Then gently exfoliate the skin for several minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Do not use soap. The oil will leave a very pleasant and nourishing protective film.

After this treatment or on a daily basis, many natural ingredients can be used on dry hands.

Moisturizers, dealoe vera gel and vegetable glycerin do not leave a greasy film on the hands.

Richer and more nutritious coconut oil and shea butter can be applied alone or in conjunction with aloe vera to seal in moisture deep in the skin.

The recipe for a very effective dry hand cream

Mix 2 tablespoons of softened shea butter in a water bath with 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.

You can use coconut, sweet almond or olive oil. Then, complete with 3 drops of rose or geranium essential oil.

They are healing and softening and smell very good. If you have any, feel free to add 1 or 2 spoons of aloe vera for a more complete action.

And voilà, your treatment is ready to be decanted into a jar! If you want to make a larger quantity, remember to add a few drops of vitamin E oil.

In addition to moisturizing and protecting the skin, it helps prevent the care oils from becoming rancid.

The egg or the yogurt hand mask

The best natural care for dry hands is sometimes hidden in the refrigerator or kitchen cabinets!

To give them a very nutritious mask, mix a beaten egg yolk with 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Two tablespoons of honey can also be added for an even more nutritious and gentle treatment or a tablespoon of lemon to revitalize the surface of the skin.

Leave the mixture in your hands for 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Natural yogurt lovers can also mix 3 tablespoons with 1 tablespoon of honey and another of vegetable oil.

After 20 minutes, your hands will be soft. Also, over the weeks, your brown spots will fade.

A soothing and calming oatmeal bath

Oats are excellent against dryness, itching and stress. It is also a very useful ingredient in the fight against eczema.

An oatmeal bath before one of the above natural skin care products will help your very dry hands.

Simply let the oatmeal be infused in hot water until it becomes cloudy and milky. Then dip your hands in the water for about ten minutes and use the flakes to gently exfoliate your skin.

Then dry your hands gently with your towel. All that is left to do is to moisten them.

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