Natural Remedies to remove insomnia

Remedies to remove insomnia

Insomnia is a physical and mental exhaustion that makes us leave easily, we feel tired all day, we have horrible dark circles or other problems with time.

How is insomnia removed? Is there any natural medicine or treatment to combat insomnia and sleep better?

Remedies to remove insomnia
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Discover 10 natural and homemade tips to remove insomnia quickly and effectively.

A home remedy that will help treat insomnia is to mix one tablespoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water. Take it three times a day, mid-morning, mid-afternoon and the last glass just before going to sleep. Honey helps you feel more relaxed and sleep well.

  1. To combat insomnia this homemade tip is very effective. Make a cloth bag and put some cinnamon branches, lavender and a few drops of lemon balm inside. Sew the bag well so that the twigs do not come out and put it under the pillow cover. This blend of natural aromas will make you relax and finally you can fall asleep. Try this natural trick and say goodbye to bad sleep.
  2. Valerian is a good natural relaxant and helps a lot in the case of insomnia. Boil a cup of water with two leaves of valerian. Let it rest for a few minutes and sweeten with honey. Take this infusion just before bedtime.
  3. Honey is a natural product and very effective in cases of insomnia. You can also mix it with a glass of hot milk and drink it while it is hot to remove insomnia.
  4. Chamomile has the property of relaxing the whole body and thus sleep better. Take an infusion of hot chamomile half an hour before bedtime and you’ll feel much better.
  5. Lettuce is another good option to combat annoying insomnia. Therefore, prepare an infusion with a lettuce in 2 cups of water, cook for half an hour on low heat and then drink this water before going to bed at night. You’ll have excellent results.
  6. Boil a cup of water and when bubbles appear add a sprig of mint. Let it warm up and drink the liquid before going to bed. Perform natural remedy three times a week to combat insomnia.
  7. Kava kava is a very effective herb in cases of insomnia as it has properties that allow the body to relax and fall asleep quickly. Prepare an infusion with this herb (not too concentrated), and take it only twice a week. If you suffer from liver problems it is not advisable to take it.
  8. Take a hot bath to relax your body. You can add a few drops of lavender in the water for better results and other bath salts that stimulate muscle relaxation.
  9. If you’re always cold at night that keeps you from sleeping well, keep your feet warm with socks and a hot water bottle. You can also rub your feet with almond oil to relax and sleep well.


You have to make sure that the clothes you’re going to sleep in are loose, otherwise you won’t even be able to move in bed.

If your feet are always warm, you can wear only one sock on one foot and the other leave it uncovered. That way, you won’t have to be getting up all the time.

Exercise for half an hour before bedtime and take a hot shower. Your body will feel much more relaxed and you will want to sleep.

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