How to share what you see on Netflix by Instagram

Netflix by Instagram

Today, all star applications must be diversified, and one that stays with the basic functions with which it premiered is doomed to ostracism as soon as its boom passes.

Twiter broke its micro-message limit, WhatsApp has video calls, and Instagram allows you to do live, chat and buy/sell stuff.Netflix by Instagram

In fact, since May 2018, the photo and video app has a function in the form of a payment system that works through the Stories, just like this new feature of Netflix.

Share what you see on Netflix by Instagram

And is that sharing everything that is done today on the Net is one of the elements of social networks.

Something that the most used VOD platform has pointed out -the same one that has raised its prices again last week – that from today, Tuesday January 22nd, Netflix users, using the latest version of the Netflix iPhone application, will be able to share their favorite contents of the platform in their Instagram Stories. To do this, just follow the steps below:

  1. The first thing to do is navigate to any title in the Netflix iPhone app and press share.
  2. Select “Instagram Stories” from the list of compatible applications, which will redirect you directly to Instagram Stories, where you can customize the background artwork and the title text sticker.
  3. Once we have finished editing the content of the story, we can publish it directly in your “My Story” section or send it as a private message to as many friends as you want.
  4. Friends and followers who receive this message will be able to click on the story to see the title in the Netflix iPhone app.

And that’s it. With this your contacts will know what you are seeing on Netflix and may give them ideas for them to see the same content as well.

Thought for the diffusion between friends, from Netflix explain about this function that “we always try to make it easier for our users to share the Netflix titles they like so much, and thus help their friends and followers to discover new content to enjoy”.

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