Jojoba oil : a treasure against stretch marks

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  1. Jojoba Oil
    1. Why is jojoba oil good for the skin?
    2. How is oil an ally for pregnant women?
    3. Which jojoba should I choose to prevent or reduce stretch marks?
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Jojoba Oil

Gold of the desert: this is how jojoba is called, this Central American bush, cultivated for centuries for the wax contained in its seeds. And with good reason: jojoba oil is extremely beneficial for hair and skin in a thousand and one ways.

Jojoba Oil

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In fact, it is said to do wonders for stretch marks. Let's discover the "sheep's nut" and its benefits.

Why is jojoba oil good for the skin?

Rich in gadoleic acid (over 70%), an omega-9, the composition of jojoba oil approaches the natural sebum of the skin. In addition, it is perfectly assimilated by the dermis. It is used in many care products:

Acne-prone skin: the anti-infective and anti-inflammatory properties of jojoba oil make it a friend to acne-prone skin.

Applying oil to your face when you have oily skin may seem crazy. However, jojoba oil helps regulate the flow of seborrhea on your skin.

Psoriasis and eczema: Jojoba oil, because of its nourishing and softening qualities, is a natural remedy to relieve itching caused by skin diseases.

Sunburn: Oil is a natural sunscreen. And although it does not replace sun protection, it is photoprotective and very useful for repairing the skin barrier in case of sunstroke.

Signs of aging: The moisturizing nature of jojoba oil makes it an effective anti-aging agent - a natural way to reduce the signs of time!

Stretch marks and scars: natural healer, due to its antioxidant nature and its composition close to the skin's hydrolipidic film, jojoba oil is ideal for the prevention and treatment of skin traumas, such as stretch marks, cracks and other scars.

How is oil an ally for pregnant women?

Pregnancy, a crucial time in a woman's life, is also a disturbance to the mother-to-be's body. Hormonal fluctuations and weight gain can sometimes cause discomfort such as dry skin and stretch marks.

But as you have heard, jojoba oil can do it all. Very nourishing, it stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which are necessary for good skin elasticity. Curative and protective, it repairs damaged skin.

In addition, pregnant women, whose skin is subject to dehydration, constant stress (especially in the womb) and weight gain, should make it their partner.

They will be less (or even not) prone to stretch marks - gadoleic acid strengthens the flexibility of the epidermis. And if the skin is already damaged and marked by stretch marks, jojoba oil will "repair" part of the dermis by stimulating cell growth.

In addition, its content of natural vitamins A (stimulation of cell renewal, including those of the skin), D and E (stability of cell membranes), make it a formidable anti-stretch mark treatment.

Which jojoba should I choose to prevent or reduce stretch marks?

You can definitely use pure jojoba oil to prevent or treat stretch marks.

Pay attention to its origin and focus on quality to get the best results. It is also possible to combine jojoba oil with other natural vegetable oils (e.g. olive or sweet almond oil).

Finally, you can use a mixture of various vegetable oils in your stretch mark treatment.

Our stretch mark treatment oil, a blend of sesame, jojoba, avocado and soybean oils, is an effective treatment for the prevention and attenuation of stretch marks, whether or not they are related to pregnancy.

Used in combination with the other products in the Mom's World range, it will accompany all pregnant women in their anti-stretch mark routine.

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