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How to reinstall an older version of WhatsApp

Reinstalling an older version of WhatsApp is possible with the right app.

Although the messaging company does not stop presenting new functionalities, there is a public that would prefer to return to the old version of WhatsApp for various reasons, perhaps because their phone does not work well with the new one, for example, or loads a lot of RAM memory.

The instant messaging communication system offered by WhatsApp is preferred by the vast majority of users, even ahead of the calls themselves.

Do you want to reinstall an older version of WhatsApp?

Another reason you might want to go back to the old version of WhatsApp may be that you have a mobile phone with an old version of Android.

In that case, you’ll have no choice but to do it.

To reinstall an older version of WhatsApp, you must keep in mind that Google’s operating system allows you to install applications from other than the official Google Play Store.

But the truth is that if you go to the Play Store, the only option you’ll find is that you can only install the latest version of WhatsApp.

The first step you will have to take to reinstall an old version is to download it in APK format and then install it on your mobile.

The APK format is the preferred one to offer infected files and it is recommended to make a safe download in APKMirror.

Already in APKMirror, you can see all WhatsApp versions organized by date, so you can choose the one you want and that is compatible with your Android version.

If you want to keep your messages, photos, and videos you’ve shared up to that point, you’ll need to back up WhatsApp and then uninstall the current version.

To do this, you have to go to your mobile settings and activate the option that will allow you to install applications from unknown sources.

The exact location of this option in your phone’s setup menu may vary depending on your version of Android and the manufacturer’s interface.

After this option is activated you only have to go to the downloaded APK, click on it and the old version of WhatsApp will be automatically installed.

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