How to clean, organize and optimize Android

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  1. Optimize Android
    1. Get memory and space on Android
    2. SD Maid, the application to leave as jets our SD
    3. CCleaner, from PC to Android
    4. History Eraser, App Cache Cleaner and other options
    5. Improve speed and optimize Android
    6. The background, one of the most common performance issues
  2. Antivirus and security
  3. Norton Security Antivirus
  4. BitDefender Antivirus Free
  5. Tricks and root apps to optimize
  6. Root Shot
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Optimize Android

Android has the idea of an open platform behind it, so it's common to see users touching many aspects of the same operating system, or even flashing a new ROM.

Optimize Android

It will be just with a newly released or flashed phone where we will see the best possible performance of our device.

Then, little by little, we will see how it ages, how it is slower and slower, or how it costs more and more everything, as if it were a living being of its own.

Little by little it will be slowing down, running out of space and a series of other problems that will cause our device to be telling us that it needs to be replaced.

Not before analyzing the problems that may appear in the long run, in order to better understand the solutions that arise.

The key to avoiding performance problems. Many times we install applications that do not pass any quality process or supervision, so if we are not careful we can get to have code that does not optimize our device. And not only that, but many are apps that when uninstalled leave residual files.

This, plus the amount of data that we are generating in our day to day, produces us the effect of staying with little space of storage, as well as to begin to notice a reduced performance, including slowdowns, lag, hangups... 

We have all heard many times that the solution to the problem that our PC is going slower strives it. Well, the solution for Android can be quite similar, because formatting (flashing or restoring factory for example) we get to leave a clean copy of our operating system.

But it is also true that we can avoid this drastic measure, and we can find a series of applications that allow us to clean and organize our Android. Or applications and tricks that allow us to optimize the performance of our device.

But not only that, we must also protect our device against viruses to get the perfect performance of our device.

Get memory and space on Android

All-In-One Toolbox, one of the most complete tools

We will start with one of the applications that can be considered more complete to perform a maintenance of any Android device: All in One Toolbox.

This app consists of a set of applications for the management and maintenance of our Android. Among its tools we can find:

  • A system information panel, with memory capacity, RAM status and CPU load or battery data, for example
  • A process manager, although the issue of killing the processes by ourselves is a little delicate and you know that we do not support it.
  • A system cleaner, which includes a cache cleaner, a history cleaner, or an SD card cleaner for example. It also includes a search engine for APKs, useful to eliminate the installation files of those applications that we installed manually and did not remember nor that we had downloaded. Or for example the wiper of uninstalled apps, to remove all data from applications that we no longer have on our device.

In this case, the most interesting for us is the last one, the system cleaner, thanks to which we will be able to recover for example a good part of the storage by deleting the cache with the cache cleaner.

This deletion allows us to remove all unnecessary files that are stored in the applications during use, without losing data from the applications.

Apart from this, combining the use of the history cleaner and the remains cleaner of uninstalled apps can recover much more space than we had thought, because many times we are not aware of how much disk we are really losing by these files that have no use whatsoever.

And so, up to a total of 29 tools, which we can see in detail when installing the application. Best of all, this is a completely free application, so it becomes a must have for our device.

  1. All-In-One Toolbox (Clean)
  2. Requires Android 2.3 and above
  3. Version:
  4. Size: 6,4M

SD Maid, the application to leave as jets our SD

This is a tool similar to the previous one that allows us to search and clean all the sections of our device. You can even ask us for root permissions for more exhaustive in-depth analysis.

SD Maid includes a series of utilities, such as application control that gives us deep control (freezing, restarting and deleting) of any app, including those that come standard with the system (for which you will have to be root).

In addition, a system cleaner is available, which will look for all temporary files, cache files and other files that are no longer useful.

Or even clean up our SD of all that crap we don't need anymore. But since we clean, we will also be able to clean the data from the applications we use to save space (although this is only available in the paid Pro version).

There will be another set of features available only in the Pro version we just mentioned, such as the duplicate finder to remove duplicate files.

And to all this other series of tools such as a file explorer, or a screen to show us the 50 largest files of our SD, among other options. As we have said, there are two versions: one free and another Pro that costs 2.08€.

  1. SD Maid – System cleaning tool
  2. Requires Android Varies by device
  3. Version: Varies by device
  4. Size: Varies by device
  5. SD Maid Pro - Unlocker
  6. Requires Android Varies by device
  7. Version: Varies by device
  8. Size: Varies by device

CCleaner, from PC to Android

This complete tool allows us to also remove all the garbage accumulated in our Android, in the same way that allows us to do it for our PC.

CCleaner will allow you to delete SMS, cache, browsing history ... among many other options. All this, accompanied by a careful interface that shows us the detail they have had at the time of developing the app.

  1. Requires Android 4.0.3 and above
  2. Version: v1.11.43
  3. Size: 2,6M

History Eraser, App Cache Cleaner and other options

But like the previous ones we have other applications such as History Eraser, App Cache Cleaner or Clean Master, among others. Choosing one or the other is going to depend a little on everyone's tastes.

  1. History Eraser - Privacy Clean
  2. Requires Android Varies by device
  3. Version: Varies by device
  4. Size: Varies by device
  5. App Cache Cleaner - 1Tap Clean
  6. Requires Android Varies by device
  7. Version: Varies by device
  8. Size: Varies by device

Improve speed and optimize Android

Many times we have thought that our device is no longer as current or modern as it used to be. That may be because he has not received updates, or simply because human beings tend to get tired of what they have, always wanting new things.

In order to do this, we could first consider giving an image wash to what the screen shows us, being able to change a launcher or install a ROM to details as simple as changing the background to a more modern one.

But, as in life itself, the image is not the most important thing, although it is the first thing that enters through the eye. We must also worry about how our device is inside and collaborate in making it work as optimally as possible.

Throughout the life of our device, we will observe how it ages and deteriorates (as happens to us). But we can always try to prevent these problems.

The background, one of the most common performance issues

The first thing we have to do when our device doesn't go as we expect, before thinking that it's the fault of the old thing is to analyze what's making it go slow.

Haven't there been times when we haven't realized that we have a barbarity of applications in the background that we really aren't using and didn't know were open?

But it is that to that we add unnecessary widgets, numerous synchronizations in second plane or the same GPS, among other possibilities, they take to us that not only our device does not work well, but that we believe that our battery no longer is what it was. And it's not that: it's that the device is working much harder than we think.

Analyzing the battery consumption can allow us to find the problem of our device

As an example, we have Battery Monitor Widget, an app that allows us to show different data through graphs of battery discharge and other uses of the phone. In addition, we will be able to see estimates among other things, becoming one of the apps most used for this purpose.

  1. Requires Android 2.3 and above
  2. Version: 3.8
  3. Size: 5,5M

Going a step further: tricks to improve performance

But from there, we have a number of tricks we can use that help improve the performance of our device.

One of the parts that needs more resources of our device is the graphical aspect, so in many occasions we can collaborate for example disabling the animations.

To do this, go to "About the phone" and quickly click on "Compilation number" seven times. Here we will enable the hidden developer menu. We go back and a new section called "Development Options" will appear. We enter here and we go to the section of "Drawing" and where it says "Scale of animations", the three sections those, we deactivate them.

But we can also help by reducing the number of widgets that have to be updated on screen, or by using fixed backgrounds instead of dynamic backgrounds.

Apart from the graphic theme, we must always bear in mind to uninstall applications that we do not use, as well as reduce the accounts that are synchronized. As you can see, in many cases everything is limited to reducing the work in the background of our device.

Although when we see that the device is really slow despite all this, perhaps we should think about restoring it from the factory or consider increasing the clock time of the processor, also known as overclocking, which will improve the speed of the device, but generating a higher expenditure of battery.

For it, we can find applications like Pimp My Rom, that with the root access we will be able to indicate the overclocking:

  1. Requires Android 2.1 and above
  2. Version: beta
  3. Size: 23M

But you will see how throughout this article the same words always appear: common sense. And it is that the key for the good operation of our device is that we take care of what we do to it.

Antivirus and security

At this point, we have a device with enough space, optimum speed and in general the most efficient operation.

What are we missing? Protect ourselves against possible viruses and malware in order to maintain this good functioning. To do this, just be careful and a lot of common sense should be enough, although we can find some applications that help us enormously to protect ourselves.

If we had to choose a few, these would be:

Norton Security Antivirus

Norton is, without a doubt, a mark of confidence in safety. We have a free version (with some peripheral protection, such as scanning the SD card), as well as a $29.99 per year subscription (with additional functionality).

  1. Norton Antivirus and Security
  2. Requires Android 2.3 and above
  3. Version:
  4. Size: 7,8M

BitDefender Antivirus Free

Another completely free application based on simplicity: it only performs one action (and not a complete series of actions, as other apps do), which is none other than a scan of the device to check that it is safe.

  1. Bitdefender Antivirus Free
  2. Requires Android 2.3.3 and higher versions
  3. Version: 3.0.135
  4. Size: 2,7M

The above applications are just an example of antivirus and anti-malware, but we can find many other similar, as always depend on our requirements and our tastes, but if you have been left wanting more, we recommend you visit the 15 best antivirus and anti-malware for Android, of which we have spoken on previous occasions.

But we must stop to think that an antivirus or anti-malware is not the solution to all our remedies. In fact, even Android's security chief told us months ago that antivirus is not really necessary. Or don't you remember how successful Virus Shield was to be a real antivirus fake?

Although all that will lie in each person: depending on the use we give it and the control we have in our device, an antivirus could really come in handy, although we must not forget that many times we must protect ourselves.

Tricks and root apps to optimize

And finally, let's not forget the power that root privileges allow us to enjoy our Android. Because if there's something we couldn't do, with root we'll be able to do almost anything, with the risk that entails.

In other words, being root is equivalent to getting the maximum possible privileges on your phone, it's like going from a normal user to a system administrator.

Being root gives us so much power that it even allows us to install ROM, which extends the Android game to unsuspected limits. But how do I become root? If you are interested in rooting your phone, the best thing you can do is enter the following link and find the ideal method for your device.

From there, we'll be able to use any application and do practically anything we want. To do this, we will find applications with certain utilities, such as Greenify, which allows us to hibernate certain applications so that they do not run in the background.

  1. Requires Android Varies by device
  2. Version: Varies by device
  3. Size: Varies by device

But like this app, many more. That's why, now more than ever, common sense is critical. Applications such as SuperSu regulate the applications that can access these permissions, asking us for explicit permission. If you don't have it after doing root, it is almost obligatory that you have it to avoid possible annoyances.

  1. Requires Android 2.1 and above
  2. Version: 2.46
  3. Size: 5,6M

From there, since the options are infinite, we recommend you not to stop taking what we have called "root shots" and that every week we bring you something new from the Android scene.

Root Shot

Common sense will lengthen the battery of our Android

Android as a platform gives us a freedom that other platforms do not offer us, to the point of allowing us with root privileges to do almost everything, if not everything.

The same happens with applications, virtually anyone can publish their application, being aware that there may be poorly developed apps that do not optimize our device and leave us residual garbage.

For all this, we have all this series of tools that we have named you and we have been telling you. To get our device to be like the first day. Although as always we tell you: the most important thing to take care of our Android is common sense.

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