Organic propolis, wintertime immunity booster

Organic propolis, immunity booster for the winter

Among all the treasures of the beehive, propolis is not the best known and yet it has many virtues for health. Here is a brief summary of these virtues for a healthy winter.

Organic propolis

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Propolis, the cement of the hive

Neither royal jelly nor honey, propolis comes from resinous and rubbery substances that bees collect from the buds of certain trees and mix them with their own saliva and pollen. It allows the bees to clean, isolate and protect the hive from external aggressions.

Metropolis, animal or vegetable matter?

Hard to say since its composition is so complex!

Contains resins, balsams, wax, essential oils, trace elements. The active fraction of propolis is composed mainly of flavonoids, antioxidants of the polyphenol family that act synergistically for the general well-being of the body. Learn more here.

The therapeutic effects of propolis are enormous:

– curative – soothing – calming – antioxidant – antiseptic – bactericide – antimycotic – anti-inflammatory – immune system – immune defenses

How to choose it well?

It is advisable to choose propolis from organic farming, systematically controlled to ensure optimal quality and guaranteed free of pesticides, chloramphenicol and heavy metals.

You can find many ways to consume propolis here.

Use propolis daily

To make a cure of propolis is recommended from autumn, associated or not with specific medicinal plants: thyme, echinacea, sage, acerola …

Hydroalcoholic extract of propolis can be used orally as a cure for immunity, but also as a gargle for a sore throat or applied pure on an imperfection.

Finally, combined with honey and lemon, propolis combines the useful with the pleasant in a grog… Enough to make you cocoon while you gain strength with the first shivers!

Discover all the virtues of propolis here, as well as natural tips for a healthy fall/winter here and there.

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