How to overclock and improve your computer’s performance


Overclocking is a procedure that will help us improve the performance of our equipment. Take note of these steps to gain speed and efficiency.

overclock and improve

Overclocking is a procedure that helps us increase the speed of the clock and your computer to get the most out of this device.

Especially if our computer is already a few years old, we will be able to give it a new life with this simple step.

The only problem with this technique is that it can damage the hardware of the computer, but it is a risk that we must run if we want to maintain the computer with adequate performance to allow us to continue with our work.

Each computer may suffer different consequences to this process, the experiences of others should not slow down our purposes, take note of these steps and start improving the performance of your computer.

Steps to overclocking

  1. Prime95 is a program that will help us monitor the performance of our CPU-Z. A first step that invites us to check the resistance of our computer and in this way will make easier the process to which we are going to submit it. We will see with him the overclocking data much more quickly.
  2. The motherboard multiplier and processor must not be locked in order to apply this procedure. If it is locked we can only adjust the speed of the clock, something that will not give us the expected results.
  3. Before launching directly to the process of overcloking we need to make a small test of resistance to see if we expose ourselves to a series of damages or not. During this test the temperature should not be higher than 70º, if it exceeds this amount it is likely that we are forcing the equipment too much.
  4. We start the overcloking by opening the BIOS and choosing the ‘Frequency Control’ option or we may see the overcloking option directly. We will reduce the speed of the memory bus to avoid possible errors during the procedure.
  5. We increase the speed of the clock until it becomes unstable, thus checking the resistance we face. At the highest point we decrease again, to increase the multiplier until the machine hangs completely. We will be looking at the temperature so as not to reach the overexertion that could generate enormous damage.
  6. Arrives the most delicate part we will increase the voltage of the nucleus of 0,025 in ahead, little by little to have at all time the control of this rise. If we see that it becomes unstable we will return to the previous configuration to the current one, assuring the process.
  7. During the next 12 hours to this process we will see with Prime95 the response of our team. If we check that everything works correctly we will finish this process.

Dare with this process that will help to improve the performance of our computer an overclocking that can become essential and necessary.

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