how to track lost stolen cell phone. Locate by Internet

We teach you 4 methods to know how to trace a stolen cell phone. In a couple of clicks you'll know the location of the thief.

To track a stolen cell phone you just need to remember the Gmail email and password you used on your Android device.

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If you locate your mobile, you should act quickly based on a plan to try to retrieve it. Consider counting on the authorities. Also consider possible consequences or reprisals resulting from your actions.

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  1. Track an Android in real time
  2. Locate my Samsung phone
  3. Find Lost iPhone
  4. Applications to track a stolen cell phone
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Track an Android in real time

Just go to the Find My Device page at, and log in with the Gmail account and password that you registered on your Android device.

Hopefully, this Google tracking system will tell you the location of your stolen cell phone (in addition to offering you other remote control options, as seen in the image).

Instead of having to go to the URL above, you can also track the location of your phone with the Find My Device application, which you can install on a family member's or friend's phone.

Ideally, when tracking the cell phone, the "Last Connection Now" message should appear.

That means that's the current location of the cell phone. Instead of this message, you may also see "Last viewed", "Last connection", "Device not available" or "Device access error".

Any of these messages can mean that the phone has no internet connection or is turned off. In that case, it may be helpful to check the locations where the mobile was previously located.

Locate my Samsung phone

This page allows you to crawl Samsung mobiles in a very similar way to the previous one (among other things), in addition to being able to lock or reset the computer. However, their maps are less detailed.

To find an Android phone stolen in this way, go to and log in with the Samsung account information that you probably once registered on the phone.

Find Lost iPhone

Apple also has its own website to find a lost or stolen iPhone. Simply go to and select the option "Search for my iPhone".

The drawback of this utility is that you can only track from another iPhone, iOS device, or PC. To enter from an Android phone use the trick of desktop mode or alternative apps.

The maps of this system are also not very detailed.

Cell phone location history

Ideally, this log tells you all the locations the cell phone was previously in. This information is stored in the same Google account that you registered on your mobile phone.

Log in to Google and you'll be able to see all the old phone locations (the thief may have been among them).

Applications to track a stolen cell phone

Cerberus Web App

The above tools have their limitations. They don't do much good if the phone goes off or you don't have an internet connection. But there are applications that overcome these drawbacks in one way or another and have other extremely useful functionalities.

For example, they may block the ability to turn off the phone. They also offer a method of tracking WITHOUT the Internet (via SMS commands). You can photograph the thief or get the number of a new SIM inserted, among other things. And they have self-protection against attempted uninstallation.

One of the most outstanding apps to locate a stolen cell phone is Cerberus Anti Robo. Other alternatives are Lookout, Wheres my Droid or Avast Anti Theft.

The disadvantage of this type of apps is that they obviously need to be installed in advance on the device (before a theft or loss). In addition, they are usually a service to which you must subscribe for an annual fee, although they offer a free trial time.

What else should I know about cell phone tracking?

  • These cell tracking systems are not infallible.
  • The location shown is not necessarily accurate. It can be approximate and depending on the area, it can have a margin of error of a few meters.
  • Tracking can generate a notification on the cell phone that will alert the person with your phone. Take the precaution of deactivating it.
  • Android mobiles already come with the preactivated tracking function, just to serve in case of theft. You can verify this by going to Settings > Google > Security > Find my device.
  • Tracking a cell phone by IMEI is not possible! If you see a website that claims to be able to locate or "track IMEI over the internet", don't believe it, it's a farce. What you can do is find out the IMEI of a stolen cell phone. That number will serve you to report the equipment and leave it useless so that the thief cannot use it in any operator.
  • There is NO magic website or online tool that can locate or track a lost cell phone by phone number.

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