My Android cell phone wifi is not activated. Solution!

Android still has some faults in devices that no longer receive updates and also in some of the latest generation.

Perhaps the most common fault is when the wifi is not activated, it remains activated but never connects.

wifi is not activated

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For this error we have had an infinite number of headaches, just at the most important moment the mobile can not be connected to the home wifi.

Faced with this error we have made a search with a possible solution, for many users has solved the problem definitively. But for some has fixed the error of wifi temporarily, whatever, we need a solution to repair the Android wifi.

Quick solutions for: “wifi ignition”

The first and the one that many of you have surely tried is to “reboot the cell phone” with this should reset the fault. When the phone is turned off or restarted the whole system is reset and starts running from 0.

It is a solution that any mortal like us can do in a quick and easy emergency.

But if you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to turn off or restart their phone for a particular reason. We recommend that you try turning off or restarting your home WiFi router. You can also reset the wifi drivers of the cell phone by codes, it is very effective.

More complex solutions when wifi doesn’t turn on in Android

The first is not so complex that let’s just say that the job it requires is when it comes to backing up. But if you don’t have anything important on your phone, you can format the phone immediately.

By doing this any (software) errors the mobile phone has had will be repaired. But in the case that the fault was produced after a cell phone crash, it is probable that it will not be solved.

As a second solution we have the alternative to flashing the cell phone, you have to change from rom to an updated one. Some people may not know what flashing is, but in other words it would be “changing software“.

To do this we would have to make a backup of both our data and the rom we delete. Very apart you have to have a knowledge on the subject since in many cases you use a computer and programs to do it.

For which brands is this method compatible?

The brands can be many since the only requirement is that they have the Android operating system. Many of the users who have fixed the error when Wifi is not enabled are from the following brands:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5,S6, S7, J7, etc.
  • LG
  • HTC
  • Motorbike G
  • Sony
  • Huawei
  • Xiaomi

Among many other brands, you just have to try it and see if it works or not, we wish you luck.

Recommendations when wifi is not activated in Android

If you have tried all of the above methods and none of them have responded to “how to repair a cell phone wifi”. It is better that you take it to a service of your operator, maybe it is a technical fault and not of the software.

When it comes to flashing the phone, if you’ve never done it before, don’t try because you could damage the phone. However, if you’re convinced that you’re going to make it because it’s easy, we recommend that you look for videos on how to do it.

With all that information, you won’t have any problems.

NOTE: If you have found a solution when the wifi in Android does not turn on, we would like you to share it with us. You can write it in the comments, many of us are going to thank you.

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