How to make your phone’s battery last longer – Tips and Recommendations

Battery Last Longer

Recently a friend told me that she did not have much time since she bought a telephone of the last generation. But she had a complaint against the cell phone: it constantly used up the battery and did not last.

My friend is classic as she always wants to be connected to the whole world, the thousand and one application of the social net, mail and YouTube video, for any team is something that requires a lot of battery performance.

Checking your phone, I was curious as recharged the battery when it is finished, as the optimal solution having is that had bought several generic types of boots that are available in places of technology or just on the street.

What many people ignore is that it is not simply that it said that the connector fit perfectly in your cell phone and of the classic test that the vendors give you that it turns on at the moment of connecting it.

Avoid Generic Chargers

This is an error with which you can ruin the battery of your new cell phone, in many of these generic chargers the voltage is not the same as that required by the phone. Some give too much power or give too little, constantly straining the battery cells, which ends in its death in a little while.

If you belong to this group of people and still your cell phone does not present these problems, check the charger label, even though it may be in tiny letters, the voltage and amperage with which it functions.

Check the original charger that came with your phone, the great majority have it and if it is not so, the voltage your cellphone uses will be specified in the manual, and if it does not have it, search the internet for what the correct voltage of the charger is.

Being careful of the voltage with which your cell phone is recharged will help it to have a great useful life and it can last the length of time you need it to.

What About Car Chargers?

One last warning, generally generic car chargers are very unstable to charge your phone, overheating the cellphone a lot. Avoid it unless absolutely necessary.

The best thing you can do even if you have to spend a few dollars extra is to buy the original, because in the short term, it will cost you more to buy it compared to an original battery.

If the cellphone already has symptoms of constantly discharging, don’t buy similar batteries, because this causes damage to the cell phone in a short period of time, causing permanent damage.

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