Pokémon Quest’s best tricks. Pika Pi, Pikachu!

Pokémon Quest’s best tricks

Pokémon Quest will certainly appeal to your nostalgia, but this will not be enough for you. You don’t play like the typical Pokémon title.

Even older players will need to learn new skills to stand out, including cooking. Yes, cooking.Pokémon Quest's best tricks

With these tips and tricks you can be the best, no matter if you play on Nintendo Switch, Android or iOS. Let’s get started!

The first time you play Pokémon Quest, a short tutorial will help you become familiar with the basics of the game.

Become friends with Pokémon, go on expeditions to fight wild Pokémon and cook delicious meals at your base camp to attract more Pokémon to your team.

Your Pokémon collection can be updated and evolved, of course, but we’ll go into that a little bit later. First, we tell you how to play to get the most out of the game.

Battle Tactics

Manual vs. auto-play: when to run and hit

It’s very helpful to pay attention to your battles. Pokémon Quest has an auto-play function that can be very useful when you need to speed up some easy expeditions. But controlling your Pokémon manually often brings better results.

  • Manual mode includes the ‘Scatter’ button (to the right of the screen), which sends your Pokémon running in different directions. This can be crucial to your survival against powerful boss attacks and allow your Pokémon to recover.
  • If the expedition includes self-destructing Pokémon like Koffing and Voltorb, pay attention and manually scatter your team before they explode to avoid friendly fire.
  • During boss battles, switches to manual mode. It’s better because many of them are more vulnerable to specific moves than others and the game isn’t as good as choosing the right moves automatically.

All equipment needs a “tank”.

The defense plays a critical role in any effective team. Your team can have 3 Pokémon and one of them should be a tank or a defender.

  • Your tank should be a defensive Pokémon with a high HP on your team. This is the Pokémon you must put in danger to absorb enemy blows without falling, allowing your more fragile Pokémon with better attacks to carry out their blows.
  • Hard Pokémon like Onix or Golem with Harden can be a great tank. Make sure you give your tanks enough P-stones, as you will benefit your entire team. With a dedicated tank in your team you will be able to face the strongest bosses.
  • The other members of your team should have a strong Pokémon with many attack points, and a “support” Pokémon with a special ability (such as Confuse) to disrupt your opponents. Those who have played MMORPG are more familiar with these roles.

Know your battlefield

Unlike other Pokémon games, type weaknesses have no effect on Pokémon Quest. For example, your fire type won’t be any weaker if you face water types.

But certain areas of Rodacubo Island give more power to some types of Pokémon when they fight in them. So: If you notice that an area you explore strengthens the fire type, consider bringing your fire type pokémon on the expedition, even if they’re not on your A team.

Cooking Guide

You can leave the pokeballs at home: on Rudacubo Island your culinary skills are more important than your pitches.

You will find the ingredients to cook along your expeditions and, although you don’t know many recipes, you can discover interesting dishes mixing ingredients at random.

Question of pokegustos

Some dishes attract certain types of Pokémon. For example, the “Cube Stew” attracts fire-type Pokémon, while the “Cube Cachas Syrup” attracts fighter-type Pokémon.

You can only attract the Rodacubos Pokémon by preparing good meals.  

The right amount of each ingredient

As with real-life recipes, amounts are important. Pay attention to the description of a recipe to know how many ingredients to use.

It may sound inaccurate, but descriptions such as “a lot” or “a little” refer to specific quantities. The following is a translation of how much each measure means:

  • “A lot” = 4 cells
  • “A lot” = 3 cells
  • “Little” = 2 cells
  • “A little bit” = 1 cell

Improve your Pokémon


Pokémon gain experience and level up by going on expeditions, but you can also have another Pokémon “train” them to earn more EXP. In the process, the Pokémon trainer is sacrificed, so you basically discard the Pokémon you don’t want to keep in order to level up your favourites.

  • Whether training to earn more EXP or changing a move, related Pokémon are the best teachers. Always use Pokémon of the same spice, family or type for good results.
  • If you want a Pokémon to learn a certain movement to a lesser degree of evolution, be sure to change it before it evolves. In the final degree of evolution it is much more difficult to teach new movements.

In level 1 you won’t get good points, but with affection, attention and P stones you can go far.  

Bingo Bonus

Bingo bonuses are activated when there are three P-stones aligned. Each Pokémon has three Bingo Bonuses, each of a different type.

  • Before developing a Pokémon, check out their Bingo Bonuses, as they completely change the way the Pokémon plays.
  • For example: one of Snorlax’s Bingo Bonuses gives +550 attack, making it one of the best Pokémon in the game.

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