How to prepare a successful business meeting

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  1. The secret of a successful meeting: preparation
    1. Think about the content and agenda of your meeting
    2. Book a meeting room
    3. Notify participants by sending an email
    4. Preparing a business meeting: limiting it in time
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The secret of a successful meeting: preparation

Essential for team management, meetings can be a real pain when they are not sufficiently well prepared.

Contrary to what happens when they skate and do not achieve their goals, they are too often considered a waste of time.

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Needless to say, the "culprit", i.e., the instigator or facilitator of the meeting, is then viewed very negatively.

A successful meeting, the one that saves more time than it loses, is prepared well in advance.

As master of ceremonies, he will define the precise objectives of the meeting, which he will send to each participant a few days in advance, along with a list of the topics to be discussed and, if possible, the documents to be prepared in advance. This will make your interlocutors more reactive.

Think about the content and agenda of your meeting

The secret of an effective meeting: good preparation and an original presentation. Define the different topics to be discussed and plan the program according to their importance.

Prepare a brief introductory text before the day before the discussion. By summarizing the context, purpose, and topics of the meeting at this time, you will begin to get an idea of what can be said.

It is also best to anticipate any points of disagreement that need to be resolved. This is a good way to anticipate interventions and therefore to conduct exchanges with more repair and diplomacy.

Practice animating your business meeting.

In conclusion, don't forget to remind your team of the following steps after this meeting: another work meeting to plan, actions to take, report to write, essential information...

It is also a good idea to write a report of the meeting, which will remind everyone of their positions and statements, as well as the various commitments made, both individually and collectively.

Book a meeting room

Locate the different meeting rooms in your company and choose one that suits your type of meeting:

  • The number of seats for your team.
  • Internet access.
  • The presence of equipment such as a video projector or a flip chart...

Make sure it's available and book it in advance so you don't have any bad surprises in the day.

Notify participants by sending an email

When you know more about the format of your business meeting, notify all participants by email and offer to block the space in your agenda. Let them know:

  • the date and place of the meeting;
  • start and end time of the meeting;
  • an access map if necessary, if the meeting does not take place in your company;
  • a discussion paper to facilitate exchanges and help participants prepare their intervention.

Preparing a business meeting: limiting it in time

Also set a time limit, ideally less than two hours, so as not to tire participants, get their full attention and force them to be concise.

Remind them of this limitation in your information letter and at the beginning of the session. You can also set your meeting for a lunch break and provide meal trays for the employees present.

Our advice: remember to arrive at ½ an hour before the other participants to know if everything is in place (room organization, logistics, microphone, internet connection, video projector).

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