How do you relieve ear pressure from swimming?


You’ve been swimming for a while in the pool and when you go out: oh, surprise, your ears are blocked and you don’t hear as you normally do.

Don’t worry, you won’t go deaf, before panicking, we tell you how to open your ears after swimming in the pool.

How do you relieve ear pressure from swimming

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In reality, this is more common and shocking when you are a child, because added to the strange sensation, is the discomfort of feeling the heavy head or even listening to water in your ears. The reason you feel your ears clogged after swimming is because the water gets into you.

Why is it happening? Believe it or not, this happens every time you dip your head in the pool, yet your  protects you and the water comes out.

The problem is that sometimes this one is quite clever and manages to get past the wax barrier, getting stuck in your ear... That’s where the drama begins.

Although this is usually relieved over time, the discomfort is very great, and if it doesn’t come out, it can cause an infection.  Therefore, it is better to help him. To achieve this, follow these techniques:

In one move

 Tilt the head on the water-trapped side of the ear and gently pull on your ear, manipulating the ear canal. Just avoid trying too many times or shaking your head too hard, as you could hurt your neck.


Lie down by recharging your head on the side of the affected ear for five minutes. That’s the time it usually takes for the water to come out. If you don’t, try sleeping on that side all night.

Warm handkerchief

It’s a classic! And perhaps the most effective. When the above techniques do not work, heat a handkerchief with an iron, place it over the covered ear and lie on it. The heat will help melt the wax a little and the water will be released.

Other options include putting a few drops of alcohol or white vinegar, but it is best not to do so and better to go to a doctor if the other techniques did not work for you, especially if it has been 24 hours since you left the pool and the water continues in your ear.

The most important thing when your ears are clogged or you have water when you leave the pool, is not to despair and NEVER introduce objects, or cotonetes or the shore.

of the towel, much less pins or pins, because you run the risk of injuring it.

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