How to prevent Google from storing your location


We’ll show you how to disable Google from storing your location and all the activity you do in its applications.

prevent Google from storing your location

It was undoubtedly one of the hottest topics of yesterday’s day, and in fact many users were throwing their hands to the head to see how, despite having the localization of applications disabled, Google was still tracking and storing the location.

The issue is not so much device level, but rather a function associated with the Google Account that we share with different devices, smartphones and computers, so we will teach you to disable definitively the storage of our data that makes us the company Mountain View.

We can deactivate the location on our mobile but this won’t change whether Google stores it or not.

It is independent of whether it is iOS or Android, both allow you to deactivate the location, but does not extend to the “activity we do in Google apps.

However, if we want to prevent Google from storing our position and therefore collecting data around it, we can do so regardless of our own location on our mobile.

In order to do so, we must deactivate it from the Google profile, and not only in the location section, but also in the activity section.

Follow these steps and you’ll be able to disable location independently of the device, meaning your Google Account won’t store your location even if you change phones or use their apps on iOS:

  • Within the options of your Google account, either from Android preferences or from our browser, you have to look for the section “Controls of the activity of your account” and pause the option of history of locations, with this we will avoid that Google stores all our locations, but we DO NOT avoid that it saves all our information relative to the location.
  • To force Google not to store everything, you’ll also need to uncheck the “Web Activity and Applications” box, as this option stores data and offers a more personalized experience on Maps, Search, and other Google services, including location.

From iOS we will also be able to access these options from the Google Maps app for examples, and once configured in the profile they are extensible to all Google apps.

However, if you disable these options, Google’s recommendations will be worse, and searches less personalized, but it is the balance to pay for service/privacy.

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