Prevent Ok Google from recording your conversations

How to prevent the Google Assistant from recording your conversations

Google tracks all of your interactions with your applications and services, including voice recordings from Google Home and Google Assistant speakers.

Prevent Google to record conversations

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Fortunately, it is possible to enjoy all its features without Google storing everything in its databases!

By default, Google keeps a record of all your interactions and personal data that it generates as you use the service.

This data collection allows Google to better personalize the user experience and, to a large extent, enables Google to deliver more targeted advertising.

However, in the case of the Google Assistant and Google Home products.

The reason why Google spends so much money and server resources to record everything is that connected attendees are constantly improving thanks to artificial intelligence and automatic learning. That must be fed with a huge amount of data.

However, since these assistants have entered homes, some scandals have erupted.

In particular when Google used human operators to improve voice recognition.

At the risk of sharing recordings that sometimes contain sensitive and identifiable information without the users’ knowledge

How to disable recording of Google conversations

Fortunately, it is easy to disable this recording of conversations in your activity history:

Access your Google Account activity page by clicking on this link

Click on the burger menu in the upper left and then go to Activity Commands

In the first section, uncheck Include voice and audio recordings

The recording of your voice conversations is now disabled. Please note, however, that any recordings you have already made will remain on Google’s servers.

However, you can delete them individually through your activity history.

If you want to delete all the activity history of your voice commands, you can follow this tutorial to do so.

Were you able to complete the operation by following these steps?

Did you find any difficulty or ambiguity in these instructions? Feel free to tell us in the comments so we can update this tutorial!

You can also find other modification options in Google Play apps or in the App Store.

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