How to enable private browsing on an iPhone?

How to activate private browsing on an iPhone

Do you want to protect your research and personal information on Safari? Here’s how to use private browsing on your iPhone and iPad

Not surprisingly, you want to keep your Internet activities private. In fact, most Internet users prefer to keep their history private for many reasons: organizing a surprise birthday party, medical information, job search…

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If this is your case, you can delete, one by one, each browsing session if you wish. However, there is an even more efficient and quicker solution: the use of private browsing.

In this article, we explain how to activate and use private browsing on your iPhone or iPad.

Who can see your browsing history?

In general, when you surf the web from your phone or tablet you leave a trail.

If a very curious friend were to borrow your phone, they could access the details of your Internet browsing and all the content on your iPhone. Don’t hesitate to secure their requests at the same time.

The data of your search is also accessible through the fully automatic function (autocomplete). This function allows search engines to complete your query as you enter it, based on keywords used in the past.

As an example, imagine that the same friend types the name of a website into the search bar.

If you share the same first letters as another site, which you are used to surfing, then the latter will appear in your suggestions, and this can quickly become embarrassing.

The Safari browser synchronizes bookmarks and data from the most visited sites across all your iOS devices. So if your MacBook and iPhone share the same account, searches on your phone will appear on your computer.

Your web activity can be revealed in many other ways. In theory, data entered during navigation is used for effective targeting of advertising, but it is also possible to stumble upon unhealthy ads.

To block ads on your iPhone, check out our tips.

Why activate private browsing mode on your iPhone?

Apple has included private browsing mode on its iPhone and iPad since the early days of iOS 5, so if you prefer to keep your web browsing private, then go ahead and use it.

As long as this mode is activated, your iPhone or iPad will not remember any trace of your visits.

Enable private browsing on the iPhone or iPad

To enable private browsing on your iOS, first open Safari.

Then, at the bottom right of your screen, touch the page icon (two overlapping squares), once the window is open, touch Private. When you switch to private browsing, the interface darkens to a darker shade.

You are warned that Safari will not save visited pages or any information in memory completely automatically (autocomplete).

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