How to protect cells in Excel step by step and easily

Protect cells in Excel

Protecting cells in Excel will allow us to always have the most important information stored and prevent it from undergoing some modifications. Take note of how to easily lock cells in Excel.

Protect cells in Excel

Excel is one of the most used programs in any company or daily life. This spreadsheet opens up a wide range of possibilities when it comes to being able to do an infinite number of tasks.

Knowing how it works is essential, Excel has a large number of commands that allow us to adapt the tasks we want to do to our needs. Protecting cells is a way of keeping track of important data that should not be modified.

It’s a necessary act if we share files and don’t want anything to happen that could affect our work. Take note of these steps to protect cells in Excel.

Steps to protect cells in Excel

  1. Excel has the possibility of ‘Protect sheet’ with this option we will get our data safe. Sometimes when sharing files or having to use the same document with several people there may be a chance that it will be returned damaged or that some data may disappear by mistake.
  2. In the ‘Review’ tab there is the ‘Protect sheet’ dropdown. With this possibility you will ask us for a password each time we need to make a change. People who open this Excel will be able to see it, but not edit it. Cells will be locked, all content will be protected against editing by anyone other than the person or people who know the password.
  3. If you click on the ‘OK’ option you will be prompted to enter your password again. If at any time we forget the password we will have lost the ability to make any documentation in the document. We’d better write down the password correctly.
  4. If it’s not all the cells we want to protect, just a few. We disable the blade lock. We will repeat the same options as to lock them with the difference that in this case we will have to unprotect the sheet to be able to obtain the desired result.
  5. We select the cells that we want to block, they can be followed or go marking the ones that interest us. In general, the data that are invariable or of greatest interest are those that are not allowed to be touched. We open the ‘Cell Format’ dropdown. It will appear after you right-click on the cell or at the top.
  6. The ‘Blocked’ option is the one we are interested in. We select it when we click on ‘Protect sheet’ we will get those boxes that we have checked are blocked, no one without authorization can modify them.

In this simple way, we will have managed to protect access to information in important cells. They may not be modified without prior authorization with a password.

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