How to control your PS4 from your iPhone

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  1. PS4 from your iPhone
  2. Remote Play finally arrives iOS
  3. Sony opens its doors
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PS4 from your iPhone

In the app stores you have at your disposal an endless number of games to try, download and buy.

PS4 from your iPhone

In fact, more and more developers are trying to reach as many users as possible, but some people outside the home miss their desktop console.

Unless you have a Nintendo Switch, you won't be able to play on your mobile unless you have a PS4 and Remote Play app installed on your iPhone at home.

Remote Play finally arrives iOS

Video games and mobiles have been linked to offer endless improvements to users. Not only do they allow you to play online with your friends anywhere, you can also add more features to your home console games.

The companion apps are a great example, as they turn your terminal into the device where you can see all the data you need without pausing the game like the map or your inventory.

For example, FIFA 17 offered software from which to manage your FUT team as well as making some investments.

But this time we have to talk about another good one, which is neither more nor less than the arrival of Remote Play on your iPhone.

It's not just any app, but it's in charge of connecting your mobile to the console and playing the title you have on the device. You should know that it is downloaded for free from the App Store and occupies 450 Mb of internal storage and the first step is to synchronize both devices.

Once this step is done, you can play from your iPhone through the terminal screen. Here you'll have all the buttons that appear on your console's controller, including the triggers.

On the other hand, keep in mind that you are playing in streaming, i.e. through the Internet, so we recommend that you havea stable network where you can play. This will also affect the video quality, which will reach Full HD.

Sony opens its doors

Remote Play comes to iPhone, which is a novelty for users of the apple bite. And is that Android users have lived with it exclusively for five years, specifically those who had a Sony Xperia, but if you still have not taken advantage of it you can download it for free from the Play Store.

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