How to send and receive money for WhatsApp

Receive money for WhatsApp

He’s here! For many months we’ve been waiting for this new instant messaging application, but at last you can send and receive money through WhatsApp through Moneypool.

Receive money for WhatsApp

WhatsApp users can send and receive money with Moneypool, from where it is possible to deposit the amount of money you want to transfer, as well as choose the WhatsApp contact that will receive it.

Moneypool works for WhatsApp users who are over 20 years old and have a credit or debit card, no matter what you want the money for, transfers are available on the service.

The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about using Moneypool, because in addition to being available for iOS and Android, it makes a record of activities and expenses, in order to show all the movements through its service to WhatsApp.

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