How to record a phone call on your Android

Record a phone call

Recording calls is a controversial subject, yes. It doesn’t matter what your motives are – there may be an infinite number of them – we’re not going to judge you for that.

From remembering instructions to keeping a conversation with someone you admire as gold in a cloth to having evidence for a claim or lawsuit.record a phone call

Or whatever you want, come on… We teach you how to do it. However, if you have Android Pie on your smartphone, you won’t be able to record calls.

Recording applications you can find several in Google Play and they all work more or less the same way. Here we present you one of the best valued and the one that in my opinion is one of the simplest and most practical.

Legal Note: In Spain and in many other countries it is illegal to record a telephone conversation if you do not take part in it.

However, it is legal to record it without the consent of the other person as long as this recording is not made public, and it can be used as evidence in a lawsuit.

Recordings made with the consent of both parties are entirely legal. Before recording any call make sure that it is not illegal in the country where you are.

Android Pie marks the end of call recording apps

We’re all excited about the full release of Android 9.0 Pie and its cool new features, but one that could be coming to an end is call recording.

Despite news in February that Android P would add a call recording ringtone to support legally recorded phone calls, it now appears that Google is completely blocking the recording of unrooted calls.

When Google removed its official call recording API with the release of Marshmallow, developers were able to get around the problem and applications like BoldBeast’s CallRecorder: ACR and Call Recorder emerged.

However, both developers have now confirmed that the gaps that made those applications possible are closed in Pie. This leaves only root methods for those who want to record phone calls.

If you want to know how to record a phone call before the Android 9.0 Pie update arrives, you can follow our guide below.

Recording Calls with Call Recording – ACR

With this application we will be able to record calls in a very simple way. First we’ll install it from Google Play and once the process is finished we’ll open the application.

From the first time it is launched it is already working and will record all the calls you make.

By default it records all incoming and outgoing calls. It also records the sound even if you have a Bluetooth device or headphones connected to the mini-jack. The file format is .m4a, which you can play with most audio or video players.

In the main window we will have the list of all the calls that we have recorded and if we swipe to the right we can see which are outgoing calls, incoming and those that we have marked as favorites.

If we pull from the left side towards the center we will have a menu with the option to deactivate the recordings and the adjustments among other options.

Within the settings we can modify a large number of parameters to suit our needs. From adjusting application notifications, changing the language, changing the folder where recordings are saved, or turning off the auto-recording mode.

To synchronize the recordings with a cloud storage service you will need to purchase the Pro version of the application. You can also share the recordings directly but remember that in many countries this practice can be illegal.

These are other alternatives that you can also try:

Record calls on Xiaomi and Asus smartphones

On Xioami devices that have the customization layer of the manufacturer MIUI (all but the My A1 that has Android One) and on Asus devices with ZenUI, there is a default option to record calls.

During a call you only have to press the cassette icon to start recording. Within the call settings you can also activate that all calls are recorded by default.

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