How to Recover Deleted Files from the Recycle Bin

What is the recycling bin?

When you delete a file, it immediately moves to the recycle bin.

Recover Deleted Files

It holds until one of two things happens, the first is to empty the recycle bin, the other is that the recently deleted files occupy the spaces of the older ones by pushing them out of the recycle bin.

How do you restore deleted files from the recycle bin?

So, before the two things above happen, you can easily recover deleted files from the recycle bin as long as you find the file you need later. It’s pretty easy. Follow these steps:

  • Double-click the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop
  • 2. Find the file you need to restore in the Recycle Bin, then right-click it, and select Restore.
  • 3. The Recycle Bin will restore the deleted file to its original location with content and date etc.

It is possible to recover deleted files emptied from the recycle bin

You may periodically empty the recycle bin to free up disk space. So is it possible to recover the deleted files emptied from the recycle bin? 

Usually when you delete a file and then empty your recycle bin, most people believe that the file will be permanently deleted, even Windows tells you that “Deleting an item from the recycle bin permanently removes it from your computer.

But the reality is that its contents will not be destroyed immediately.

Windows simply marks the available hard disk space to use for other new data by changing a character in the table of files, so that the file entry will not be displayed on the computer.

This is what you can recover deleted files with professional data recovery software.

Steps to recover deleted files from the recycle bin

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is an excellent tool for data recovery, it is really useful for recovering deleted emptied files from the recycle bin.

Supports recovery of various file types such as images, audios, videos, documents and emails, etc. And it also allows you to preview before recovering files.

Below is the detailed guide on how to recover deleted files from the Recycle Bin.

Follow the step-by-step guide for files deleted from the Recycle Bin:

First go check your Recycle Bin when you delete or lose files on your PC.

If nothing appears in it, or if you have emptied the recycle bin or permanently deleted files from it, refer to the following Recycle Bin Recovery Guide:

1st Run the data recovery software

  • Start this EaseUS data recovery software on your computer.
  • Select a location where the lost files are to be scanned, or click “Specify a location” to choose the correct location where you lost the files.
  • Click “Scan” allowing this software to scan the selected location to find all the lost files from the recycle bin.

2nd. Find the lost files from the recycle bin

After the scanning process, check the “Deleted files” option to find your deleted files.
Or you can use the “Filter” > “Trash” option to quickly find the files in the recycle bin.

3rd Preview and restore data from the recycle bin

  • Before recovering data, it allows you to preview the found files to check their quality first.
  • Finally, you can choose those recycle bin files found and click “Recover” to save them in a different place from the original to avoid overwriting data.

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