Recover lost files from ReFS partition in Windows

Recover lost files

About ReFS file system

ReFS generally refers to Resilient File System, works as a new file system on Windows Server 2012 with the following functions:

  • Improved reliability for disk structures;
  • Built-in resistor;
  • Compatibility with existing APIs and technologies.

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With these features, the partition with the ReFS file system becomes more reliable and stable for storing data.

But also the ReFS partition can lose data due to deletion, formatting, virus attack or other reasons like other partitions with NTFS or FAT file system.

So if you lose data on the ReFS partition, don’t worry, here’s an effective method to recover lost data from the ReFS partition quickly and securely.

Recover ReFS partition with professional data recovery software

If you delete files or format the ReFS partition on Windows Server, all you need is professional data recovery software, here’s a simple but effective one: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard that supports Windows Server data recovery, you can recover images, documents, audios, videos or other lost files in just a few clicks.

Download this software to try to find your lost data in the ReFS partition by following the steps below:

Select the partition where you have lost data and click on the “Scan” button. If you have lost partition, simply select the Lost Partition shown in the software.

Step 2. First EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will do a quick scan to find the deleted files. After it finishes, a deep scan will automatically start to find more lost files. If you have found the files you want in the quick scan result, you can stop the deep scan saving time.

Step 3. When the deep scan is finished, you can search for what you want in several ways detailed in the following screenshot. Mark the files you want to recover and click the “Recover” button to recover them at once. In the last step you must choose a different location instead of the original partition to avoid data overwriting.

Tips to help you find the data you want:

Filter: a quick way to search for desired files by different types.
Custom search: search directly for the file name or type.
RAW files: search for files that lose names or paths.

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