Recovering Data from an Undetected SD Card/Repairing a Damaged SD Card

Recovering Data from an Undetected SD

Tip: do not do anything before finding solutions to recover data from undetected SD card

Recovering Data

When the SD card, USB drive or other storage device is damaged or cannot be detected by the PC, they will become inaccessible.

But the data is still there inside the storage devices, so it is possible to get our data back when the SD card, USB drive or other storage devices cannot be detected by the PC.

Here are the detailed steps for repairing a damaged SD card and recovering data from an undetected SD card.

Step 1. Repair SD card damaged or not detected in PC by driver update

  • Right-click “This computer” and select “Properties“.
  • On the left taskbar, click “Device Manager” and next to “USB Controller“, click “+“. Next, you will see a yellow exclamation mark.
  • Right-click and select “Update Driver Software” and then click “Automatically Search for Online Driver Software“. Wait patiently and install the controller and restart your computer.

After doing so, you can try connecting your SD card to PC to check if your SD card can be detected again.

Step 2. Recover data after repairing unrecognized sd card

After Step 1, if your computer can recognize the SD card and read all the data on it, you will have successfully repaired the undetected SD card, otherwise one more step you will have to perform is to retrieve data from the SD card first before formatting it.

Here we recommend the professional data recovery software EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, allows users to recover data from the undetected SD card in just three steps, and no technical skills are required at all.

After downloading this software, follow the steps below to restore the data from the SD card at this time:

Connect the SD card/memory card to your PC, start EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard > Select the location (SD card/memory card) to be scanned > Retrieve found data.

Format SD card/memory card for reuse

After the first two steps, you can now format the SD card NTFS or FAT to re-use it, for this:

Right-click This computer and select Manage.
Click Disk Management under the Storage option.
You will see the memory card shown in the drive distribution. Right click on the SD card drive and select Format to format the SD card directly for reuse.

Similar problems with SD card or USB memory can also be solved by following the above mentioned steps.

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