Recovering Markers/Historial/Favorites from Chrome

Recovering Markers Favorites from Chrome

Were important bookmarks deleted or erased when you tried to clear your browsing history?

Recovering Markers Favorites

Were your browsing histories and favorites lost when you tried to close your Chrome browser? Or do your bookmarks disappear when your Chrome browser upgrades to a new version?

To accidentally restore deleted bookmarks in Chrome, follow the bookmark recovery solutions to recover deleted bookmarks/history/favourites from Chrome.

Method 1. Search deleted Chrome history/bookmarks/favourites

If you delete browser history or bookmarks in Chrome, you might have a local file folder that backs up all your browsing histories and bookmarks in Chrome. And you can find it in a local location on your PC:

C:UsersUsuarioAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultLocal Storage.

When you find it, you can click to add it to your Chrome again.

Method 2. Recover history/bookmarks/favourites deleted from Chrome with program 

If you don’t find any backups on your computer when your Chrome favorites were deleted from your browser, you may still have a chance.

Download the free data recovery software – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free to restore Chrome bookmarks/history/favourites right now:

Start the data recovery software > select the location where the Chrome bookmark backups were located (usually drive C) > Scan and recover the found bookmarks.

Method 3. Use DNS cache to find lost Chrome favorites after browser update

This method will be very useful when you have lost important bookmarks or favorites in Chrome due to the browser update.

When you lose Chrome favorites after upgrading to a new version, follow the steps in the tutorial below to fix the issue now:

Press Windows + R to open the Run window, type cmd and click OK, or you can type cmd in the Windows search bar.
A window will open with the black
background (the command prompt) ,escriba ipconfig /displaydns and press Enter.

All recent websites you’ve visited will appear in the list and you can browse and bookmark them in Chrome again.

Attention  DNS caching only works to find deleted history files when your computer isn’t turned off, which means that if you’ve restarted your computer, you won’t get the history files again by applying DNS caching. 

Method 4. Recover deleted or lost favorites/historial/favors from Chrome using Google History

This method requires you to have a Google Account, and when you lose your Chrome bookmarks, you can check and find all the bookmarks again by viewing your entire browsing history in your Google Account.

Go to Google History > Sign in to your Google Account > Tab History

There, you can find all your browsing history and then add them as your favorites or Chrome bookmarks again.

When you recover all your lost Chrome history or markers, it would be a good option to back up local PC Chrome files regularly to another hard drive or storage device.

If you lose the Chrome markers, you can copy the backups to the original location and easily restore them.

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