How to reduce the gas consumption of a boiler

How to reduce gas consumption with a boiler?

Gas boiler: low temperature or condensation? It is not always easy to choose the right model for the type of home, the year of construction and, above all, to reduce energy consumption and therefore the bill as much as possible.

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Low temperature boilers are designed to limit the minimum temperature (necessary to avoid internal condensation) and to reject low temperature fumes.

As a result, these boilers have a better efficiency, almost 90%, a gain of 12 to 15%, compared to a standard boiler).

Although it is said to be “low”, this temperature allows for quality comfort. Less, however, than a condensing boiler.

Today, it is often more interesting to opt for this technology which, in a few years, will be the only one authorized on the European market.

Immediate advantage: efficiency is higher. It is improved between 15 and 20% compared to a conventional boiler, and up to more than 35% if the boiler is more than 20 years old. The maximum efficiency reaches 109% for gas condensing boilers.

Cleaning the boiler: why is it important?

As winter approaches, certain essential actions allow you to enjoy greater comfort in your home. The safety of the occupants of your accommodation is also at stake. Among these useful actions, priority should be given to the cleaning of boilers .

Parts that require regular cleaning

Some parts of the boiler are useful for its proper functioning and require periodic cleaning. This is particularly the case of:

The Burner

The burner is therefore the basis of the operation of your boiler. It effectively mixes a fuel (gas) and oxygenated air to produce heat. It is therefore important that the burner is in perfect condition to ensure perfect combustion without unburned material.

The exhaust pipe

As its name indicates, this duct is in charge of the evacuation of the burnt gases and its maintenance is fundamental. Not evacuating the burned gases could be the cause of the poisoning. Especially in case of high concentration in a closed place.

Benefits of cleaning the boiler

Therefore, cleaning the boiler offers you several advantages and not least


The first aspect of these advantages is, of course, to include the safety plan. Proper cleaning prevents poisoning and reduces the risk of fire. The latter aspect could be due to a high concentration of unburned waste caused by a burner failure.

Less consumption

In addition, cleaning the boiler is synonymous with intact performance. Unlike a poorly maintained boiler, you save between 8 and 12% over a year.

An increase in the life of the device.

The maintenance and replacement of wear parts of your boiler ensures a longer life. In fact, your heater will last 2 to 3 times longer this way.

An ecological impact and a reduction of pollution

The maintenance of the heating system reduces the production of greenhouse gases. It also reduces the production of polluting waste thanks to better combustion.

Up to 5000 to 6000 euros of aid

However, condensing models are also more expensive (between 4,000 and 7,000 euros) than low-temperature versions (around 3,000 and 5,000 euros).

This is due to the presence of sulphur in the fuel oil, which requires the use of different materials for the condensers. Financial support now makes it possible to eliminate to a large extent the additional cost of condensation.

For example, 46% of households are entitled to aid from the ANAH (1,000 to 2,000 euros).

It is also possible to get help from energy suppliers, supermarkets, etc. And as soon as a package of works is carried out, the aid can reach 5,000 or 6,000 euros.

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