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How to reduce waist in a short time effectively step by step

Reducing the waist in a short time is not an impossible mission. It only depends on a series of elements and exercises that can help us every day to achieve our goals.

Reducing the waist in a short time is one of those challenges that is worth putting into practice to achieve the desired body.

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The waist is one of the parts in which a greater amount of fat is usually accumulated, depending on the type of body may come to stand out more or less.

Keeping it under control or at least slightly reducing the abuses of a series of inappropriate foods is a much simpler task than it may seem. With a few simple tips and a little time for us, we’ll get everything we set out to do.

Steps to reduce the waist in a short time

These basic exercises are perfect for keeping us in shape comfortably from home. We start with a series of simple movements, making 3 series of 15 repetitions will be an extraordinary beginning. We stand in front of the mirror, open our legs a little and bend our knees. With our hands on the back of our necks we move the trunk from right to left.

We continue with a fun and perfect activity to refine the waist, the classic hula hoop. This ring that was the fashionable toy a few decades ago is ideal for moving the muscles of this area. With a little music, rhythm and about 10 minutes a day will be enough to reduce the waist.

An ideal repetition that we can easily do at home is to put the broomstick on our shoulders. Take the stick with your hands on top and turn from left to right, repeat this exercise about 30 times, until we have worked correctly this part of the body.

We go with some floor exercises, lie on our backs and flex our legs. We’ll do a few classic abdominals, lift the trunk with a slight tilt. We can do about 30 repetitions per side, this way we work the whole waist part.

Another highly recommended exercise is the one we get if we lie on our side. We will try to get up until we touch the right foot and vice versa, that is to say touching each time the opposite part of the body. We will do these repetitions about 30 times, to get better this part of the body.

We can do these series together or separately, it is advisable to wait a few minutes after eating to exercise. We will drink a lot of water to remove impurities from our body and we will try to take care of the diet.

With these series of exercises and a little control in some meals, we will get the body and waist that we have always wanted. Dare to reduce that volume by more in record time.

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