How to relieve swollen legs in pregnancy? Tricks, creams and natural remedies!

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    1. What causes swollen legs in pregnancy?
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Relieve swollen legs

The physical changes that accompany the beautiful stage of pregnancy also noticeably affect our extremities.

In addition to cellulite, stretch marks and changes in our skin, the feeling of heaviness in the legs is considered one of the most frequent discomforts in pregnant women.

relieve swollen legs

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What happens is that during the last trimester of gestation, our legs are under pressure due to fluid retention, weight gain and poor circulation typical of this period.

When we're expecting a baby, the physical changes we go through can cause circulation to slow down, causing all the pressure to build up in the legs. Along with circulation problems, fluid retention, weight gain and pressure from the baby, our legs may swell and feel tired.

To alleviate this uncomfortable sensation and give our legs back a healthier appearance, it is necessary to change certain habits in our diet and incorporate some physical activity in our daily routine.

But in addition to this, there are many practical tricks and natural remedies that will help you get rid of fatigue. Take note of these recommendations!

What causes swollen legs in pregnancy?

During pregnancy, women tend to suffer from fluid retention, a common problem that can cause our circulatory system to slow down and stop functioning as it normally does.

When this happens, the blood flow accumulates in our legs and this pressure, added to the weight gain causes the unpleasant sensation of tired legs.

The veins we have in our legs have a special valve that overcomes gravity and sends blood to the brain, but when this valve is affected by pregnancy changes, the blood does not flow as it should and this takes its toll on our legs and feet.

Poor blood circulation, coupled with pressure from weight gain and fluid retention, cause this condition.

Tips and tricks for relieving tired legs in pregnancy

Along with a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables and adequate consumption of water, there are some tips and advice that can help you combat the discomfort caused by swelling and heaviness in the legs. In addition, there are many creams and gels for tired legs, specially designed to alleviate this discomfort.

Move your legs

The most effective trick to prevent swelling in your legs, is to stay active so you should incorporate into your daily routine some physical activity.

One of the easiest things you can do is walk for half an hour at least twice a day, replace the elevator and take the stairs. These two activities will not only help you burn calories but will also benefit your circulation.

Any activity that motivates you to get up from the couch is perfect to prevent swelling. Try, dance, bike, swim or practice any sport you like, but remember that it must be one that is appropriate during pregnancy.

An extra tip to move your legs from home, is to stand on the tip of your toes, for a few minutes several times a day.

To combat the unpleasant sensation of tired legs, physical exercise is necessary during pregnancy.

Improve your diet

A balanced diet is also important to activate circulation and combat fluid retention.

The increase in the consumption of fruits and vegetables, will fill you with energy and improve your circulation, also help you control your weight gain so that your legs do not have to bear all the weight you gain when your belly grows.

Ideally, you should reduce your salt intake because it promotes fluid retention, and increase your intake of fibers, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes.

Avoid standing too long

Just as sitting for a long time can cause swelling, standing too long, can also increase this problem. We advise you to use a foot rest when sitting and change position regularly.

Keep your legs up.

To activate circulation and get your legs back to their usual state, it is very important that you raise your legs slightly with the help of a cushion, when you are lying on the sofa or at bedtime, so you are contributing to blood flow even when resting.

Another small gesture that will help reduce fatigue in the legs, is to maintain an upright posture. Whether you are walking or resting it is vital that your back remains straight, so it is necessary to try to correct your posture.

At bedtime, raise your legs slightly with the help of a pillow, this will also make a big difference.

Increased water consumption

Excess fluid retention can also contribute to swelling and tiredness of the legs, and although this is a complicated condition and difficult to combat, it is important that we hydrate well to reduce it. For this we must drink at least two liters of water a day, as long as our gynecologist does not tell us otherwise.

Avoid tight-fitting clothing

Excessively tight clothing during pregnancy and high heels can not only make you uncomfortable, but can also cause circulation problems and aggravate foot swelling and heavy legs.

So try to wear lighter clothing that gives you more mobility and footwear that has a heel of three or five centimeters for greater comfort.

Home and natural remedies for swollen or tired legs

In addition to the creams and gels that you can currently get on the market, there are many natural remedies that you can make from home, and that are as good and effective as any of those cosmetic treatments. Below we show you 4 home remedies that you can combine with the application of gels and creams.

Water with sugar

When we walk a lot or practice a sport that leaves our feet tired and sore, there is nothing better than putting them in a small bath with warm water to relieve them.

But if you want better results we recommend you add a little sugar or essential oils, these ingredients will penetrate your skin, and reduce more quickly the tiredness of your legs.

Baths in cold water

Cold water baths are a very effective home remedy to relieve swollen legs and improve our circulation. That's why we recommend that in addition to sleeping with your legs on a pillow, you rub an ice cube with small taps all over your legs. An excellent trick to relieve swollen legs in pregnancy.

Cold water baths will activate your circulation immediately.

Draining massages

Body massages are one of the most effective remedies to alleviate the tiredness and tension that all pregnant women accumulate over the months.

Massages not only give us moments of relaxation, but when combined with special creams and gels stimulate circulation and help reduce fluid retention. Ideal for all times, but even better if we have swollen legs in pregnancy

Another point in favor of massages, is that it will help us to disappear the tension and stress will bring tranquility to the mother.

Massages or a cold shower are the best home remedies to relieve swollen or aching legs.

Toilets based on vine leaves

To alleviate the level of fatigue in your legs and feet, we advise you to make this very natural and effective home remedy.

To begin you must cook the vine leaves for 3 minutes, strain them and then pour the water into a bucket of hot water. Prepare another bucket of cold water and place your legs and feet in the bucket of hot water for 5 minutes.

Then change buckets and leave your legs in cold water for another 10 seconds.

Repeat the steps at least 4 times, always starting with the bucket of hot water and ending with the bucket of cold water. For best results, we recommend ending with a relaxing massage on your legs upwards.

The most effective creams for swollen legs in pregnancy

To alleviate the tired legs that bother so much in pregnancy, we need a cream that allows us to reduce the swelling of the legs and feet.

Currently there are many specific products to treat this area of our body, whose active principles of natural origin and peptides, increase the amount of collagen and combat the degeneration of the skin, also reaffirm the tissues and relieve the pressure. Let's look at the best creams for relieving swollen legs in pregnancy:

There are creams and gels for tired legs, specially indicated to alleviate this discomfort.

Mustela leg cream

Mustela leg cream is a French brand pregnant cream that is specifically formulated to relieve the feeling of heaviness and tiredness in the legs during pregnancy.

The combination of its exclusively natural ingredients, provides rest, tones and relieves these ailments typical of the gestational period.

At the minimum contact with your skin, its natural components based on avocado peptides and menthol extract, will bring you freshness, relief in the feeling of warmth, rest and greater comfort in the epidermis of the skin.

As a prologue to this cream, it promises to improve the tonicity of the legs and strengthen the tissues of the skin support. It is extremely safe for pregnant women and babies, as its formula is high tolerance and hypoallergenic.

Provides immediate rest and a feeling of lightness in your legs

Natura Bissé Leg Gel

Natura Bissé leg gel is one of the most effective options you can get on the market.

The cold feeling of freshness that leaves you on the skin, due to its properties based on menthol and eucalyptus, stimulates cellular metabolism, relaxes muscles and ends the feeling of heaviness of swollen and tired legs that suffer so much pregnant women.

The combination of eucalyptus and menthol provides an intense sensation of freshness and relief.

Future Mom Prenatal Tired Leg Gel

"Future Mom de Prénatal" is a product designed exclusively for pregnant women. It is a cold gel of fast absorption that helps to alleviate in an immediate way, the tiredness and the swelling of the legs.

Its active principles produce a feeling of freshness in your skin that helps to keep the skin elastic and hydrated for longer.

Its formula is enriched with menthol, which favors the microcirculation and elimination of excessive liquids in your body, something vital to eliminate heaviness in the legs.

Try Prénataly's Future Mom leg gel. Say goodbye to tired legs.

Mama Mio Tired Legs Gel

Lucky Legs Cooling Serum by Mama Mio is a lightweight serum that instantly soothes tired legs suffered by pregnant women. Thanks to its gel texture, it tones, comforts and reduces the pain and fatigue that swelling can cause in your legs and feet.

Its easy absorption into the skin, helps increase circulation and decrease fluid retention to mitigate the feeling of heaviness. Apply a little of this repairing gel from your knees to the tips of your toes, and enjoy immediate relief!

Use Mama Mio's leg serum and you'll appreciate it when you get home at the end of the day.

For best results, we recommend you take a refreshing shower first, interspersing a jet of cold water and one more of hot water in your legs so you can activate circulation.

Then apply the cream all over your leg or massage lightly from the feet to the thighs, and exert more insistence on the points of greatest tension.

As you can see there are many tricks and home remedies that you can put into practice to relieve swollen legs in pregnancy.

Combined with special creams and gels so that in a short time you can feel more relieved and with less tension at the end of the day.

Remember that the important thing to avoid or to diminish the tired legs in the pregnancy, is to follow day to day with these recommendations of constant form.

If you experience pain, tiredness or swelling do not go to a doctor.

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