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  1. Remedies for Aftas
    1. Sodium Bicarbonate
    2. Aloe Vera
    3. Milk of Magnesia
    4. Sage
    5. Tea Bags
    6. Hydrogen Peroxide
    7. Licorice
    8. Chamomile
    9. Natural Yogurt
    10. Prevents the use of substances harmful to health
    11. Take Care of Your Oral Hygiene
    12. Relax
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Remedies for Aftas

Canker sores or postemillas are ulcerations that appear in the mouth, for different reasons. One of them is the manifestation of a viral infection in the body.

However when it is not a viral agent that has entered our body, may be due to many other factors and even science can not determine the exact causes in some specific cases.

Remedies for Aftas

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Whatever the reason for the aphthous ulcers, they may have severe pain and pus discharge in some cases.

Not to be confused with cold sores, nor are they cancerous. They are usually whitish or yellowish in color and are surrounded by inflammation and irritation.

There are many effective home remedies to dry these ulcers and help their healing, however you must take into consideration the exact causes that cause them to heal definitively.

The best way to do this is to go to a doctor who will prescribe an appropriate treatment to treat them.

Remember that home remedies do not definitively replace an antibiotic treatment, but help to improve its results.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate has alkaline properties, which help soothe irritation and promote desinflamación. Bicarbonate also helps reduce the amount of bacteria that grow in some post-temilla cases.

You can gargle warm water with baking soda, accompanied by lemon juice if you wish, as the antibiotic effect of lemon can improve the depurative effects of baking soda.

If you don't have sodium bicarbonate on hand, you can use a similar alternative that consists of gargle salt with warm water three times a day, to treat the postemillas. The effect you'll get from this practice is similar to the one you'll get from baking soda.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known as the first aid plant par excellence, as it has antibiotic, healing, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.

In fact, it has been used since ancient times to cure a large number of burns and wounds, with the same effectiveness as any medicine. Its healing effect is so effective that the skin is fully regenerated when it comes to minor wounds.

To treat postemillas with aloe it is necessary to apply the aloe vera gel (obtained by liquefying the pulp of the plant) in the area where the sores are with a cotton swab. Repeat as many times as necessary to relieve pain.

Milk of Magnesia

Milk of magnesia has the quality of inhibiting the acids that cause itching in the postemillas, because it contains calming properties, especially useful for relieving pain caused by canker sores . You can use magnesia milk to rinse your mouth every time you brush your teeth or apply directly to the ulcer with a swab.


Sage is an excellent natural antibiotic, especially when it comes to all kinds of oral infections. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve the pain caused by the postemillas. Use sage as a mouthwash two or three times a day to treat postemillas efficiently.

Tea Bags

Tea has alkaline properties, making it a potent antacid effective in reducing acids that irritate mouth ulceration.

Depending on the tea you use, you can take advantage of the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties contained in the teas most commonly used to treat all types of ailments, such as black tea, plantain tea, mate tea, green tea, among many others.

To take advantage of these properties you only need to put a wet tea bag in your mouth. Looking to place it on the area where you have a sore, leaving it to act for five to ten minutes to feel relief.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This compound is a powerful disinfectant, capable of killing any microorganism that comes into contact with it.

That's why it's an effective ally in combating postemillas. To make use of it you must apply it as if it were a mouthwash, taking care not to consume the liquid. You can combine it with warm water, lemon and baking soda, always gargle with it.


Licorice tea is extremely popular for eliminating postemillas due to its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Gargle with liquorice infusion three times a day to reduce inflammation and eliminate post-milla bacteria.  After rinsing the mouth, use the tea bags over the sores to improve the effects. It is also valid to drink it to relieve pain.


Chamomile is one of the best aromatic and medicinal herbs available, as it contains anti-inflammatory, analgesic and soothing properties. Which can help alleviate the pain caused by the postemillas. You can use it to gargle with chamomile three times a day for a week.

Natural Yogurt

Natural yogurt, when it contains live cultures, can be effective in destroying the pathogens that cause infections, including those responsible for post-temillas. It consumes abundant amounts of yogurt to relieve mouth ulcers, in addition, yogurt has properties capable of inhibiting the acid that causes burning sores.

Recommendations to avoid Aftas or Postemillas

Some practices can help you avoid the appearance of postemillas, improving not only oral health but also quality of life. Remember that the best medicine for any disease is prevention. Not for free the popular imaginary affirms that "it is necessary to be cured in health".

Prevents the use of substances harmful to health

It has been determined that smoking may be responsible for the appearance of thrush or post-temillae.

It is obvious that alcohol can also cause all kinds of digestive problems such as heartburn. In order to avoid the persistence of these ulcers, it completely eliminates the consumption of these substances.

Take Care of Your Oral Hygiene

To reduce the harmful effects of postemillas (in case of suffering them) or prevent their appearance you must effectively brush your teeth.

Remember that tartar and dental plaque contain a large amount of bacteria that could aggravate or cause the appearance of these ulcerations.


Sometimes postemillas can be manifested by episodes of stress or depression. Remember that stress is the cause of all kinds of alterations in the organism and if it is not treated with due delicacy it can be fatal.

For this reason we recommend extracurricular activities, such as exercises, yoga, breathing, mountaineering or an artistic activity. Stay away from work on weekends and don't let your life revolve around work.

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