Home Remedies for Anemia


Failure of the blood to carry oxygen throughout the body is called anemia.

This is caused by the absence of hemoglobin in the blood, which gives it that characteristic red color that the body needs for its proper functioning.

Home Remedies for Anemia

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Hemoglobin is produced from the assimilation of the iron that contains what we eat. This is why it is so important for the body, as poor oxygenation can cause all kinds of disorders.

The most common causes of anemia are heavy menstrual periods, pregnancy, colon cancer and/or polyps, hereditary disorders, dietary iron deficiency, or glucose deficiency.

The most common symptoms are weakness, unexplained cold, malaise, lack of appetite, irritability, dizziness, and nausea. In some very particular cases, you may have a headache or shortness of breath.

Anemia can usually be cured by dietary modification and can be easily prevented by incorporating iron-rich foods to avoid insufficient hemoglobin in the blood.

Here are some of the most effective foods and remedies for treating anemia and some recommendations for preventing it.


Oats are a natural source of all kinds of minerals, among which iron is found in high quantities. It also has digestive properties, as it contains a large amount of fiber, which benefits the intestinal transit.

You can eat it with all kinds of fruits for breakfast, or make refreshing oatmeal drinks to accompany your meals.


In Latin America it is common to consume grains such as peas, lentils and some types of beans to recompose a person affected with anemia. This is because eating these grains gives the body large amounts of protein and minerals such as iron.

In fact, grains are the most effective substitute for the protein and minerals provided by meat in vegan diets.

Normally these grains are consumed in soups or minestrones with abundant onion, however some recipes such as tamales or the lentil burger are excellent options to consume iron. Peanuts and other nuts are also excellent contributions of iron to the body.

Pineapple juice with parsley

Parsley is known in natural medicine as an invaluable source of minerals such as iron. It can be incorporated into an anemic person’s diet so that his or her hemoglobin levels are normal.

Pineapple is a powerful diuretic that allows the body to better assimilate nutrients, including iron. You can consume pineapple juice with parsley as an accompaniment to your meals, which will give your body a lot of iron and other minerals, giving you great vitality.

Juice 3 in 1

The 3 in 1 juice is known for its revitalizing properties and its high content of minerals and vitamins that repotentiate the body, which is why it is an extremely popular recipe to accompany breakfasts in Venezuela.

This juice can be prepared from beetroot, carrots and orange juice. It contains a large amount of iron, vitamin c, B complex, potassium and beta-carotene, which help the effective assimilation of iron and thus the normalization of hemoglobin levels.


The mugwort is an excellent ally to combat anemia, as it contains abundant vitamin C, which serves to better assimilate iron in the body and thereby generate the hemoglobin needed for the transit of oxygen through different parts of the body.

Mugwort is consumed in infusions. The recommended amount of this is one liter daily, as long as it is consumed as a companion to a diet rich in iron and does not replace the consumption of grains or red and white meats, which are a natural source of iron.


Guava is, in addition to a powerful digestive, an effective source of iron that is commonly used as a home remedy to revitalize a person suffering from anemia. In fact, it is a typical home remedy in countries like Venezuela or Colombia for these reasons.

Guava is normally consumed in juices when on a diet to improve the body’s hemoglobin deficiency. It can even be combined with carrot, orange juice and/or beetroot. Try to wash the guava well before consuming it, as it usually contains a large amount of worms.

Plum Juice

The plum surprises thanks to all the beneficial properties that it has for the organism. It has many vitamins (C, A, K), minerals and is a powerful natural antioxidant. You can drink plum juice with your meals to give your body the iron it needs.


Chocolate contains a powerful energizer that will help you improve your mood and contains an excellent amount of iron. Chocolate should be consumed in moderate amounts, as excessive consumption can affect blood sugar levels.


Tomato is one of the vegetables that contains the highest amounts of iron. You can consume it in many ways although it is advisable to eat it in carrot, beetroot and onion salads. Tomato juice is also effective in fighting iron deficiency in the blood.

Animal product

The red and white meats, as well as the egg are a natural source of minerals and vegetal proteins that we cannot ignore in our diet, in order to avoid the insufficiency of iron.

The general animal product (white or red meat and egg) should be consumed under a strict diet, as these can be harmful to health depending on the way they are processed and cooked. It is best to eat foods that are low in salt, grilled or steamed, as the case may be.

Recommendations for preventing anemia

Anemia can be cured by modifying deviant eating patterns and leading a healthy life where unprocessed foods are consumed. When dealing with any illness it is advisable to take corrective measures in time, as the best remedy is always prevention.

Modify eating patterns

Most of the time, the main cause of anemia is due to the consumption of unhealthy foods, some of which inhibit the assimilation of iron in the body. One of the measures taken by doctors to help correct this insufficiency is the elimination of coffee, soft drinks and energy drinks.

Another of the main recommendations of the specialists is to consume foods with abundant iron, which are normally all those of dark colors such as those mentioned in the list.

We also recommend the consumption of citrus juices (orange, grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, etc.) which help the body assimilate iron.

Anemia can usually be treated without drug treatment, unless it is very severe. In cases like these, doctors prescribe medications such as ferrous sulfate. Consult your doctor to find out what measures to take to treat this disease.

Performs low-impact exercises

Exercises are effective in improving vitality, especially when you have anemia. Walking, breathing exercises and yoga are effective allies in improving quality of life and thereby reducing the effects of anaemia.

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