Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis


Among the most common ophthalmic diseases is conjunctivitis, perhaps because it is easily spread, so preventing this infectious disease will always be the best option.

The eyes are really sensitive to pollution since their Ph is different from the rest of the body, so the most advisable is the careful cleaning of them.

Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis
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Home remedies to clean the eyes daily and properly are very useful, however, when you reach the state of infection should see an ophthalmologist who will certainly indicate treatment for early recovery, since some home remedies can increase the severity of the infection once you have acquired the virus.

Now, below are the home remedies that really favor the cleaning and health care of the eyes, especially when you suffer from conjunctivitis.


In the first place, because it is the most used, is the chamomile, this small flower is an excellent ally to facilitate the cure of the eye that has suffered the infection.

Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties and can therefore decrease the inflammation caused by conjunctivitis.

In addition, chamomile also possesses antiseptic properties so it can be used to cleanse the eye when it has excess oozing.

Indeed, you can prepare an infusion of chamomile with a tablespoon of it in a cup of boiling water, which having been left to rest can be used to clean the closed eye about three times a day using a sterile gauze that must be discarded once it is passed through the eye.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that in the case of conjunctivitis, chamomile must be used as an adjuvant to ophthalmic treatment and applied with extreme care so as not to worsen the eye infection.

Cold water to deflate the eye

The cold water cools the eye in the middle of the itching and inflammation of the conjunctivitis.

As with chamomile infusion, extreme care must be taken when cleaning the eye with it, especially not to pass the infection from one eye to the other. Remember that conjunctivitis, whether bacterial or viral, is highly contagious.

Carrot helps

Carrot compress is considered to act as a natural anti-inflammatory, helping to combat the symptoms of this disease.

It is suggested to squeeze the juice from the carrot with a juice extractor, then soak the sterile gauze on this juice and clean the closed eye and previously cleaning the eye with physiological serum, this way you can avoid worsening the infection.

Green Tea

One of the easiest home remedies to get, prepare and apply is green tea. Its bioflavonoids have the capacity to reduce inflammation and fight viral and bacterial infections.

Green tea also contains certain antioxidant substances that help detoxify the eye from aggressions caused by certain allergenic chemicals that regularly worsen the degree of conjunctivitis.

In addition to conjunctivitis, green tea helps to improve the appearance of dark circles, relieve tired eyes and reduce the inflammation of styes, because its application through sterile gauze compresses considerably improves the irritation that is caused by conjunctivitis, thus refreshing the affected eye.

Salt water

Salt water has the virtue of keeping at bay the proliferation of bacteria in the eyes, this is because its composition is usually very similar to that of physiological serum, so another option for home remedy is to use salt water in order to clean the traces of conjunctivitis of the eyes.

Of course, the use of cloths, towels or any other material capable of absorbing and retaining the infection should be avoided, it should not be forgotten that conjunctivitis is highly contagious to such an extent that if only one eye is sick, the other can be infected very easily with the slightest contact.

This is why it is so important to use the appropriate materials that will later have to be discarded, such as sterile gauze.

Does breast milk help treat conjunctivitis?

A very popular belief that spans the length and breadth of nets is to use breast milk as an adjuvant to the treatment of conjunctivitis. However, there is no scientific basis for such a recommendation.

Indeed, using it could be more counterproductive than beneficial, since it could aggravate the condition of the infection and in the case of small infants, the degree of the same could cause blindness, so when suffering any type of infection is important to consult a trusted doctor.

Those who support the recommendation to use breast milk argue that it contains substances with curative properties that can help relieve inflammation, but, among certain studies on the action of breast milk in case of infection was found that it not only does not have the ability to cure the infection but can also introduce in the eye a new accumulation of bacteria.

In this study carried out at the San Francisco General Hospital, a sample of the milk of 23 completely healthy mothers was used.

This sample was carefully examined in order to reach a more accurate conclusion about its effect or incidence on the most common causes of conjunctivitis. In addition, the milk was subjected to a series of cultures in order to find out what type of bacteria were present in the breast milk.

The effect of milk on certain bacteria was compared to some antibiotics, and the results obtained were not as beneficial as those obtained by its counterpart.

It was also concluded that the type of bacteria found in milk did have the ability to produce new eye infections.

Tips for preventing and improving eye health

Because of this and because there are hundreds of tips for healing conjunctivitis with home remedies, it is important to be clear that they can certainly alleviate certain symptoms of conjunctivitis, however, if it is not the main cause of this disease in vain would be applying these home remedies.

Ophthalmologists agree that in order to prevent conjunctivitis, it is important to clean the eyes daily with sterilized elements, as well as moisturize and refresh them in order to avoid any dryness that develops another type of eye disease.

Taking good care of the cleanliness and hydration of the eyes can help in the regeneration of the barrier that naturally protects each eye.

It is worth noting that when cleaning the eyes must also take extreme care of hand hygiene, in addition the proper cleaning of contact lenses will be equally crucial to the health of the eyes.

Of course, if you suffer from allergic conjunctivitis, any contact with the allergen that is causing the infection should be avoided at all costs.

Ophthalmologists advise that the best way to clean the eyelids is physiological serum.

This serum is nothing more than a sterile solution that is characterized by having the same amount of salt found in the blood, making it indispensable for countless uses in traditional medicine.

This serum is favorable for cleaning the eyes because it is sterile as mentioned above, and also does not cause any damage to the eyes, but likewise should be taken care of hand hygiene when applying it and should be applied with a gauze equally sterile.

Another thing to consider is the use of makeup removers, since all people who make up their eyes must remove all traces of makeup from them to avoid future infections caused by eye contamination.

It is also necessary to take care of the type of products that are placed on the eyes, being especially attentive of the date of expiration of these products.

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