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The tears are more than simple triggers of emotion at any given time, they are also the eye protectors in case of any intruder or problems related to dryness.

The latter is called dry eye syndrome and is quite uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

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The eye is a very complex organ, so much so that some eye doctors are not able to completely eliminate dry eyes, however, there are medicinal alternatives based on home remedies that increase overall health and eliminate dryness in the eyes.

What are dry eyes?

It is a disease caused by several factors characterized by the deficiency of moisture in the eyes producing dryness due to lack of tears. It also alters the tear film that protects the surface of the eye.

Dry Eye Types

The types of eyes differ only from whether they are caused by Sjögren's syndrome or not. This syndrome is rare and produces dry eyes and mouth.

Causes of dry eyes

  • Allergies.
  • Sjogren's syndrome.
  • Drugs to eliminate colds.
  • Exposure to the sun.
  • Lupus.
  • blurred vision or nearsightedness
  • itchy eyes
  • headaches

Prevention of dry eyes

To prevent dry eyes it is recommended that before taking an airplane, you have liquid film of tears in a bottle in case of emergency. If antihistamines are often taken, their side effects should be counteracted with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

Finally, consume fatty acids in your daily diet and have a humidifier that regulates dryness at home during the winter.

Home Remedies to Remove Dry Eyes

This detail of home remedies for dry eyes can help treat this ailment:

  1. Washing the eyelid regularly is a practice that not only increases hygiene and reduces dirt, but also eliminates eye dryness in those who suffer it, this is a cause of the appearance of dry eyes.

To apply, mix a few drops of shampoo (preferably for newborns) on your fingertips or on a clean handkerchief.

Then, with the eyes tightly closed, gently massage the eyelids in the eyelash area. Finally, rinse with soap and warm water and repeat about twice a day.

While some people are afraid to try this remedy because of the burning effects of shampoo on the eyes, this massage relieves the discomfort caused by lack of eye moisture.

  1. Hot compresses are a remedy that, unlike the previous one, is very comfortable to apply because the heat has better receptivity in the area of the eyelids.

To apply a clean tissue must be immersed in boiling water and squeezed to eliminate excessive water accumulation. Then place the handkerchief on your tightly closed eyelids for ten minutes per session.

Finally, the area is rinsed with lukewarm water; these sessions should be repeated twice a day until the symptoms are eliminated. The treatment also improves blood circulation and the creation of tears.

  1. Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid capable of desinflamar any type of irritation, disappearing the itching and pain caused by dry eyes. It also contributes to the formation of tears and prevents their early evaporation.

To apply you need a portion of organic castor oil which is placed in each eye using a dropper to facilitate accuracy.

  1. Foods with Omega-3 benefit not only the body in general, but also dry eyes because Omega-3 fatty acids are related to the production of tears reducing inflammation in the area.

To apply is only necessary to follow a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, these can be found in fish and their oils, flaxseed, sesame, chia, almonds and nuts.

  1. Coconut oil plays an important role in the elimination of dry eye symptoms because it forms a kind of protective shield over the tear film, preventing tear evaporation. As an extra piece of information, it is also anti-inflammatory.

To apply, soak a small cotton wool over the coconut oil and place it on top of the closed eyelids for about fifteen minutes. It is recommended to repeat this remedy several times a day.

  1. The exercise of intermittent is a homemade practice that consists of imitating the flickering of the flashing lights of a car in order to moisten the eyes eliminating the symptoms of dry eyes.

To apply the eyes must be opened and closed several times during several minutes by five times a day, with the passing of the weeks it is recommended to reduce the frequency to four times a day.

A tip for this exercise is to keep a count of two each time you open and close your eyes for a calm rhythm.

  1. Turning on a humidifier is another practice that during the winter helps prevent dry eye symptoms. Traditional heating systems dry the air leaving the eyes exposed, which the smoke effectively and naturally counteracts by creating moisture in the home.

To apply you need a humidifier, if for some reason you can not buy you choose to use a pan of water placed in front of the heater.

If there are plants in the rooms the humidity in the air is improved due to their transpirations. Boston fern, peace lily and areca palm are the recommended plants for this practice.

  1. Rose water is a natural relaxant recommended for tense and tired eyes after a productive day. This miraculous water has properties of vitamin A necessary to regulate moisture in the eyes.

To apply a cotton wool is immersed in rose water to place on the eyelids closed for ten minutes about three times a day.

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