Home Remedies for Fatigue


Fatigue is the feeling of tiredness, decay and lack of energy that occurs in certain situations.

Normally, it is associated with lack of rest, boredom or physical effort, however, extreme care must be taken when it is persistent, as it can be associated with chronic diseases, pathogenic and severe mental.

Remedies for Fatigue
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It is important to differentiate fatigue from drowsiness, since the latter presents, in addition to the usual symptoms of fatigue, the imperative and uncontrollable need for sleep.

Stress, overwork, depression and other emotional problems can cause fatigue and in these cases it is extremely important to see a specialist.

There is an extremely dangerous and little known type of fatigue, called “chronic fatigue” which seems to be related to the XMRV virus since studies indicate that 67% of patients who are studied for cases of chronic fatigue suffer from this virus.

In that sense, fatigue may present itself as a symptom of other pathogenic diseases, such as the flu. It is very common to hear people say that they are extremely tired when they suffer from some viral or infectious cycle.

When fatigue is present in the body along with other symptoms, it is important to see a specialist to determine the appropriate treatment to cure the disease.

There are many home remedies that provide those suffering from fatigue with the energy necessary to carry out their daily activities to a happy conclusion and to recover the energy lost through some physical effort or exhausting day at work. Today we will show you the most powerful of them to alleviate fatigue.


Has great antidepressant and anxiolytic properties which makes it the most powerful natural sleeping pill and antidepressant to treat all kinds of emotional disorders, responsible for insomnia, stress and fatigue.

Valerian can be found in all types of presentations and is available in any pharmacy, drugstore, apothecary or naturist shop. The most common presentations are tincture, capsules or valerian tea.

Consume valerian before bedtime. Normally, fatigue causes insomnia, which is detrimental to falling asleep and getting the restorative rest you need to fight fatigue and discouragement. If it is consumed constantly, the chances of having episodes of lucid dreams are very high.

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian ginseng is an excellent natural energizer, due to its vasodilator properties, which stimulate better blood circulation and thus oxygenation, thus providing the body with a large amount of energy and vitality to meet the daily journey.

Not only is it excellent for recovering energy lost after physical activity, but it also helps improve work capacity by increasing brain activity thanks to cerebral oxygenation which provides excellent circulation. Ginseng is excellent for fighting chronic fatigue, as it has the ability to strengthen the immune system.

You should consume the Siberian ginseng in doses not greater than 500 mg, in case of getting ginseng capsules or consume it in infusions of ginseng root sweetened with honey on awakening.

Bee pollen

Pollen contains large amounts of amino acids, proteins, enzymes and other essential nutrients to maintain the proper functioning of the body.

It is excellent for treating fatigue as these elements provide the necessary energy to the body to carry out its daily activity without presenting imbalances.

Pollen can be eaten whole and is available in specialty shops or health food stores. Consume it daily, in amounts ranging from three to four tablespoons depending on your fatigue levels.

This element can be incorporated into the daily diet to maintain optimal functioning of the body, as well as strengthen the immune system.


Alfalfa is an excellent stimulant of the digestive system, which translates into better absorption of nutrients essential for the proper functioning of the body.

In addition, it stimulates hormonal function, which improves body energy levels, reducing episodes of fatigue in those who consume it in abundant amounts.

Alfalfa can be found in supermarkets and specialty stores. It can be consumed as an accompaniment to meals, bringing a delicious flavor to salads, meats and is an excellent ingredient for sandwiches. You can also consume it pure, if you prefer.

Sea Salts

Sea salts such as Epsom salt are excellent for stimulating the absorption of energy from the environment. These are also excellent detoxifiers, so regular bathing with these salts and warm water is an excellent ally against fatigue.

Maca root

Maca has even more powerful properties than alfalfa for controlling hormonal imbalances, which are often directly responsible for fatigue.

This is a root native to the Peruvian and Bolivian pampas, which has been determined to contain large amounts of minerals and proteins, which give vitality to the body.

You can get maca in specialized shops such as health food stores or where they sell energy supplements for athletes, as it is widely used by these to maintain vitality during the days of exercise. Maca is consumed in powder form in combination with energy drinks.


Oats are ideal for fighting fatigue due to their enormous amount of nutrients, especially minerals. Additionally, it contains fibers that stimulate digestion and improve the assimilation of the nutrients found in our foods.

Additionally, it contains beneficial properties to improve brain activity, which is effective in improving fatigue and drowsiness. Oats are available in virtually any presentation, as they are extremely versatile.

You can eat oats in flakes accompanied by milk for breakfast, or consume energy bars with oats in snacks to avoid fatigue in the middle of the workday. Oatmeal water is delicious and refreshing, making it an ideal companion for meals.

Recommendations to avoid fatigue

Fatigue is often related to excessive work or physical activity, which often requires a great deal of both physical and mental energy. To avoid constant fatigue (if it is not related to a virus as mentioned above) take these corrective measures.


One of the main causes of fatigue is excessive work, especially when you have a job that requires special physical and/or mental effort. In these cases, the best thing to do is to take a well-deserved rest and get away from your daily responsibilities at least once a month.

Practicing breathing exercises, yoga and low-impact exercises help reduce stress levels in the body, improving vitality and quality of life accordingly.

Remember that stress is the main cause of all kinds of chronic and degenerative diseases when it is not treated with due haste. It’s actually one of the leading causes of death worldwide.


Exercises can help you rest better at the end of the day. Remember that fatigue can cause insomnia in specific cases, so doing exercises such as walking, jogging or cycling can help you maintain stable energy levels, without abusing physical activity, which can cause fatigue as well.

Experts recommend at least 20 to 30 minutes a day of exercise to maintain optimal mental and physical health.


The light of the technological equipment that we have in our homes (Computers, Smart Phones, Tablets, etc.) is able to interrupt the hormonal changes that the body normally makes during the night, which can translate into all kinds of disorders, especially fatigue, which as we have said, may be related to hormonal changes.

This is why specialists such as general practitioner Deyo Famuboni recommend reducing the number of hours spent in front of these devices to avoid sleep disturbances and fatigue.

It is best to stop using them before 9:00 PM, because if we stay connected to computers after that time, the hormonal processes are abruptly interrupted.

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