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Foot Fungi

The largest organ in a human being is the skin. It is exposed daily to all types of bacteria, microbes, viruses and various pathogens that can affect it.

The most common and main culprits of all types of rashes, itching, redness and inflammation of the skin are fungi.

Remedies for Foot Fungi

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Below we show you some home remedies to cure them and recommendations to prevent their appearance or reduce their harmful effects on the skin while under treatment.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate is made from salt. It is for this reason that it is effective in fighting fungi, which cannot tolerate salt. Sodium bicarbonate is especially effective against nail fungus.

Mix water with baking soda to form a paste that you must rub on the affected nail. The results will be seen over time. This can be used to treat female candidiasis by doing sitz baths with plenty of baking soda and warm water.

Sitz baths with bicarbonate are effective as they help to alkalinize the vaginal PH, thus hindering the appearance of the Candida Albicans fungus.  If you don’t have baking soda on hand, simple salted water is excellent for eliminating all kinds of fungi, as these are naturally intolerant to it.


Lavender has natural antifungal properties, especially the oil that is prepared from it. It is excellent for fighting all types of foot fungus, such as athlete’s foot or nail fungus (onychomycosis).


Lemon is traditionally associated with all kinds of antibiotic and antibacterial properties. This powerful citrus is rich in vitamin C, which favors the elimination of all types of bacteria.

This fruit is effective to treat all kinds of diseases such as flu, infections of the digestive system and helps fight all kinds of fungi. Simply rub on the infected nail or bathe it in lemon juice.

If you are going to have a treatment with lemon to treat the appearance of a fungus, you should avoid contact with sunlight, as it can stain the skin.


Garlic is a powerful antibacterial and natural antibiotic ideal for fighting all types of infections. It is especially effective against ringworm and mycosis.

It can be used in the company of white iodine and lemon, making a mixture that after resting for a week, can be effective in treating nail fungus.

Garlic oil is excellent for eliminating all types of skin infections. Rubbing a simple clove of garlic over the infected region is also effective in eliminating fungus.

Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar is effective in combating fungal growth due to its antibacterial properties. In fact, it is widely used to cleanse all kinds of impurities in the skin.

If you don’t have apple vinegar on hand, you can use regular vinegar, which has the same properties and can help you treat fungus on your skin and feet. Vinegar can also be used to treat female candidiasis by doing sitz baths with it.

Rare Oils

There are several vegetable oils used in the kitchen that can help eliminate fungus from our feet or skin due to their antibacterial, antifungal and antibiotic properties.

We define them as uncommon as they cannot be found in any supermarket. To do so, you should visit establishments specialising in exotic cuisine or natural medicine.

The essential oil of oregano, specifically wild oregano, contains timol and carcavrol, which are excellent agents for eliminating fungi and stopping their growth.

You can rub your nails with a cotton ball impregnated with this oil.

Tea tree oil has been used since ancient times by native Australians for all its healing properties, among which the antibacterial and antifungal properties of this oil stand out.

Make a solution of coconut oil with tree tea oil and apply it to the nail or skin. Its effect will help detoxify the area affected by the fungus quickly. Tea tree oil contains anti-inflammatory properties, which will help reduce redness and inflammation of skin damaged by the fungus.

This oil alone can be very strong for people with sensitive skin, so we recommend combining it with coconut oil. Olive oil is the best known of all these vegetable oils, however it is much less common than corn oil and is used specifically for culinary dishes or special diets.

It has healing and regenerative properties that can be very effective to eliminate fungus from nails or skin quickly, accompanied by oregano oils or tree tea.


Thyme is a powerful agent for combating pathogens. If consumed, it helps eliminate all types of bacteria, viruses, microbes and fungi. To treat fungus on the skin or toenails, you must prepare an infusion of thyme and soak a piece of cotton in it and rub it on the affected area.

Natural yogurt

Yogurt contains autoimmune properties, which benefit the proliferation of antibodies when consumed. It also stimulates bacterial flora and strengthens the digestive system. Because of this, it can be used to effectively treat female candidiasis as it is able to reduce vaginal acidity by eliminating fungi that prefer acidity to develop.


Turmeric never ceases to amaze us with all its properties. It can be used to treat from hepatic conditions to digestive diseases such as heartburn and various intestinal infections.

That is why it has been so widely valued in the practice of traditional Hindu medicine, popularly known as Ayurvedic medicine.

To treat a fungus with turmeric, you can do so by making an infusion that you will apply to the affected area or, preferably, by making use of the turmeric powder on it. It is especially effective for treating fungus on toenails.

Turmeric can be mixed with coconut oil to care for and heal the skin. Take into consideration that turmeric is a natural colorant, which can cause your skin to turn yellow, however this effect will pass with the passage of time.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains high amounts of fatty acids, which can help care for skin damaged by a fungal infection. This oil, however, is effective only for mild to moderate skin infections. This oil is a very effective natural moisturizer for skin care.

Useful recommendations for avoiding and treating fungi

Here are some methods to prevent the appearance of fungus in hands and feet. Also, practical ways to help treat them and improve the performance of the treatment you use to cure them.

In case of fungus on the feet and prevent its appearance

One of the most important things you should do to prevent their appearance is to avoid walking barefoot in public spaces, especially in bathrooms, dressing rooms, spas or swimming pools, since the amount of microbes and fungi that live in these spaces is considerable and with it, it is very likely that you can get some infection in them.

Another important recommendation in case of foot fungus is to avoid wearing shoes that are too tight or synthetic. This is because dark, damp or poorly ventilated spaces have the best conditions for the reproduction of fungi.

Synthetic materials such as plastic prevent the skin from breathing properly, which generates moisture and hinders the proper transpiration of the skin of the feet.

If you live in areas with high humidity, try to keep your feet cool, or if you’ll be traveling to places where humidity is extreme, wear an extra pair of socks and change them periodically. In the winter season, it is important to keep your feet dry.

Use 100% cotton socks, these absorb moisture better than any other material, which will prevent the appearance of fungus.

Try to avoid using other people’s nail clippers or lend yours to others. These items are as personal as underwear and allowing them to be worn by others can be detrimental to the health of your feet or hands.

In case of suffering from fungus on the skin or prevent its appearance

In the case of skin fungi, there may be different reasons. We will explain to you some aspects to consider according to your case.

If you’ve taken antibiotics recently, don’t worry. Some of these medications can cause the appearance of fungi because they are responsible for reducing the bacteria found on the skin, which feels the conditions for the appearance of fungi because they feed on them.

Just like fungi on the feet, it is not advisable to share personal belongings such as clothing, as one of the main reasons for the appearance of fungi is contagion.

Maintaining skin care with moisturizing creams, exfoliating and periodic cleansing is an effective preventive and aesthetic measure.

Humid, excessively warm and dark spaces are a breeding ground for mushrooms, so we recommend that you store your clothes in cool places or, failing that, let your clothes breathe in open spaces. Don’t forget that the health of your skin depends on excellent hygiene and personal care.

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