Home Remedies for Freckles

Remedies for Freckles

Freckles (or skin spots in medical terms) are brown or dark spots that appear on the skin due to different factors.

Among the most common are excessive exposure to the sun and different types of ultraviolet light, or simply the aging of the skin. There are some freckles that are due to hereditary issues.

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Freckles usually appear on the face, shoulders, forearms, and shoulders. When they are hereditary, they can be expected to appear in other regions of the body.

Although they are not dangerous to health, they appear in the body because of excessive exposure to the sun, as a side effect of some birth control pills, possible hormonal changes and may be unattractive.

There are many home remedies with which to eliminate the freckles we will show you today. You should however take into consideration consulting your dermatologist to verify the exact causes of its appearance.


Lemon is a natural bleach, as it contains an acid that is capable of diluting the pigment of melanin, allowing the disappearance of freckles over time. In addition, vitamin C can whiten skin naturally.

To remove freckles from your skin with lemon you need to cut it into slices and rub the pulp of the fruit in the region where you have them.

This procedure can be done once a day (preferably before bedtime) for 30 minutes. We recommend you do this treatment during the night, since exposure of the skin to the sun with lemon juice can cause ugly spots, which are not easily removed or in its absence, try not to go out in the day if you do the treatment with lemon.


Dairy products contain acids that are effective in removing stains from the skin, especially when it comes to freckles.

There are many ways to treat the skin with milk products, among which natural yogurt stands out for its high content in good bacteria, which contain enzymes that break down melanin, which is responsible for the appearance of freckles.

Apply a natural yogurt mask to your skin before taking a shower, leaving it on for 15 minutes.

In addition to removing stains from the skin, it provides essential nutrients to regenerate and rejuvenate tissues. Pure milk also has a positive effect on freckles. Apply to the affected area with cotton wool.

Early Misty

Papaya contains a large amount of depurative enzymes, so you can use it in different ways to cleanse your skin and break down excess melanin, which is responsible for giving color to human skin.

You can consume this fruit in abundant quantities in your meals (preferably at breakfast and snacks) as it is an excellent regulator of melanin and regenerator of the skin.

To remove freckles from the skin with papaya you can prepare a mask by crushing the fruit until it obtains a uniform consistency, similar to a paste.

You should apply the papaya on your face or where you want to remove freckles with a cotton swab or makeup brush. The process is done before taking a shower.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a natural purifier, which is why it has been used as a natural purgative of the body. This is due not only to its diuretic properties and stimulants of the intestinal movement, but also contains enormous amounts of antioxidants, which prevent the proliferation of free radicals.

For these reasons, it is excellent to apply on the skin to remove stains and freckles. Apply a few drops of oil with a cotton ball in the region where they are, leaving the skin to absorb the product.


Chamomile also has depurative properties, which can be used to remove excess melanin or impurities that can cause the appearance of spots on the skin such as freckles.

Make an infusion of chamomile and apply it to your skin with a clean cotton or gauze. You can take a camomile-infused shower, which will lower skin tone and disguise blemishes.


Sugar is a natural exfoliant, which is actually used by many celebrities and in many beauty treatment centers for facial refreshments and skin cleansing. As a home remedy to remove impurities from the skin it is extremely effective.

You only need a few spoonfuls of sugar, which you can mix with lemon juice and apply to the area where you want to remove freckles. If you accompany the sugar peel with lemon juice, do not forget that this citrus may stain the skin if it comes into contact with sunlight.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is an excellent healer, anti-inflammatory and natural antibiotic, which has proven to be extremely effective in treating all types of skin diseases. In the case of freckles or spots, it is extremely effective, as it removes them very quickly.

When suffering from chronic acne, it is normal for spots to appear on the skin, which can be confused with freckles. Use aloe vera to remove it by applying the pulp of its leaves to the skin before showering every day until it disappears.

Vegetable Enzymes

Vegetable enzymes are responsible for filtering, catalysing, decomposing and transforming various substances found in what we consume and that the body needs to carry out its functions properly.

Among the substances they usually break down is melanin, which they convert into colorless particles. The following foods can break down all kinds of proteins, such as melanin, and help prevent skin spots.

Fruits such as pineapple or strawberry, vegetables such as potatoes and grains such as chickpeas can be used to create different types of mask and apply them on the skin, as their enzyme type is beneficial for the decomposition of melanin.

Precautions to consider when having freckles

Although not dangerous, but rather an aesthetic problem, freckles can be synonymous with abusing some factors that can be harmful to long-term health.

It is for this reason that, before the appearance of any anomaly in your skin, take corrective measures in some practices, especially if you enjoy sunbathing. Do it, but consciously.

UVB rays are harmful to health

Excessive exposure to UVB rays is extremely harmful to health. This is because they damage healthy skin cells by stimulating the proliferation of free radicals.

Constant exposure to the sun’s rays can be the main cause of freckles and more serious complications such as skin cancer.

To prevent this type of disease and skin anomalies, especially if you have sensitive skin, it is best not to expose yourself to the sun, especially when it is at its highest point in the sky. Wear hats, special clothes for bathing on the beach or, in case of mountaineering, dress well.

Use sunscreen or sunscreen

The sunscreen is the best ally you can have to fight ultraviolet rays and protect us from all kinds of skin abnormalities. It is best to buy the sunscreen with more sun protection factor or SPF. There are sunscreens with an SPF range between 20 and 150 points.

If you like tanning, use sunscreen with sun protection, because this way you will protect your skin even when you are exposed to sunlight.

If you do not use conscious sun protection, you may be exposed to sunburn, sunstroke, the appearance of freckles on the skin and in the long term and in extreme cases, to contracting degenerative diseases such as cancer.

Keep in mind that any strange appearance of spots or freckles on the skin may be indicative of degenerative diseases such as cancer.

If you have any doubt or the persistence of a stain of this type without a genetic history, the best thing you can do is go to the doctor to rule out any suspicion.

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