Home Remedies for Gases


Stomach pain, ingestion, eating an unhealthy meal or emotional reaction.

All of these factors have one thing in common: they produce annoying gases that can mean the greatest embarrassment a person can experience throughout his or her life.

Home Remedies for Gases

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The situations of expulsion of gases are natural and therefore daily, some people manage to control their intestine to go to an area outdoors or privately where they can expel it without fear.

But there are effective measures to forget the worries of a gas at the wrong time, the easiest and most beneficial are home remedies to control intestinal gases forever.

What are gases?

They are natural intestinal components produced by the ingestion of air and various chemical reactions in the intestine during the digestion process. The gas is expelled through the anal orifice, sometimes involuntarily.

Types of gases

Stomach gases vary according to the average volumes of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, oxygen and hydrogen. These factors vary depending on the root cause.

Causes of gases

  • The consumption of foods that produce gases due to their lack in enzymes.
  • Lactose intolerance.
  • Eat fast, without chewing food well.
  • Some laxatives or tranquilizers.
  • The use of cholesterol-regulating drugs.
  • Anxiety and excessive stress.
  • Chewing gum.
  • Drink carbonated beverages.

Prevention of gases

  • Avoid high gas intake when eating.
  • Eat slowly, chew food well before swallowing.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Avoid chewing gum.
  • Avoid excess dairy.
  • Avoid carbonated beverages.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners.
  • Eat fruits, wheat and bran bread.

Home Remedies to Eliminate Gases

  1. Eating fresh fruits after each meal seems more like a diet than a remedy as such, but it is advisable to put it as a habit in the daily diet.

Eating these healthy foods causes an effect that avoids the appearance of gases thanks to the essential enzymes they produce during digestion. Alternatively, juices or salads can be made by combining various types of fruit.

  1. Ginger is an ideal remedy to avoid bad digestion and gas. It can be applied in different ways:

Create an infusion of ginger tea with the mixture of water and ground root. You can also eat a few portions as an outline of the meal or eat a small spoonful of freshly grated ginger.

  1. Apple vinegar is especially effective and recommended by nutritionists to eliminate annoying flatulence and improve digestion.

To apply just mix two small tablespoons of apple vinegar in a cup of water, then drink during or after each meal.

  1. Dandelion is an easily available type of herb that grows in many places making it affordable for the average person. The small leaves of the tooth have highly beneficial properties for the health, avoiding the gases.

To apply, prepare an infusion with water or add to meals as an extra condiment.

  1. Cinnamon tea helps clean the stomach of any bacteria that may be causing the fumes. It should preferably be taken when there is pain in the stomach.
  2. Green anise works as a preventive remedy against gases. To apply, crush two small spoonfuls of the green aniseed seed, then boil in a cup of water, let stand for a few minutes and drink before each meal.

It can also be swallowed whenever gases appear suddenly.

  1. A hot water cloth is simple to prepare and relieves discomfort in the belly area, decreasing swelling and avoiding unpleasant gases.

To apply, soak a cloth with hot water and place it on the whole affected area, relaxing it instantly.

  1. Lemon juice contains health-promoting properties in several respects thanks to its acids which are effective against intestinal gases. To apply you should take the lemon juice every morning before getting up and after every main meal.
  2. Garlic is also another health ally due to its properties that help the digestion process by significantly reducing gases.

To apply, grind a clove of garlic and mix with black pepper and coriander seeds, then boil with a cup of water and drink the result every day until the gases disappear.

  1. Coconut water is a very sweet and delicious natural refreshing agent that hides a secret in its composition that contains properties that reduce gases improving digestion.

To apply just cut a coconut and drink directly from the water each day in the afternoon, after eating or each time the gases are present.

  1. Mint tea is another drink easy to get and prepare. To apply, the mint leaves must be boiled in water for five minutes until the infusion is ready.

Then take each day after each meal so that during the digestion process you avoid the formation of gas, improve the flow of bile and relax the stomach muscles.

  1. Pineapple juice is a casual drink served in any restaurant and its recipe is easy to prepare, this remedy reduces acidity in the stomach and eliminates body fat in addition to stopping the formation of gases instantly.

To apply just put small pieces of pineapple in a blender with water and drink the result as a companion in daily meals.

  1. The papaya is the digestive fruit par excellence since it has essential enzymes that during the digestive process eliminate the formation of gases.

To apply you must eat the fruit in pieces together with each meal, you can make salads or also prepare a juice.

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