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  1. Remedies for Liver Fat
    1. Turmeric
    2. Marian Thistle Tea
    3. Mint
    4. Fenugreek
    5. Spagula Tea
    6. Artichokes
    7. Dandelion
    8. Boldo
    9. Oats
    10. Papaya or Milky
    11. Radish
    12. Grapefruit
    13. Ginger
    14. Beetroot or Beetroot
    15. Exercise
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Remedies for Liver Fat

I'm sure you're trying to find the best home remedies for fatty and inflamed liver. Keep reading:

Fatty liver is a liver disorder that is characterized by 100% of the total weight of the organ, at least 10% is composed of fat.

Remedies for Liver Fat

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This disorder can be the prelude to all kinds of very serious disorders and diseases, so it is important to take preventive measures and treatment with a specialist.

Although the causes of fatty liver are not very clear, its appearance is associated with obesity, excessive consumption of sugars and fats, as well as the abuse of alcoholic beverages.

This pathology can be classified into two types: Non-alcoholic fatty liver (which can be caused by various factors, such as poor diet) and alcoholic fatty liver (which is mainly caused by liquor abuse).

Fatty liver can be cleansed using home remedies and in fact, doctors recommend some of them for their health-promoting properties.

Below we will show you the most effective home remedies to clean the fatty liver and some recommendations for prevention and control.


Turmeric is one of the most valued spices in Ayurvedic medicine for all its medicinal properties. It is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and reconstitutive. It is especially effective for cleansing the liver of fats and promoting their regeneration and natural processes when it is damaged.

To treat fatty liver with turmeric all you need is hot water and powdered turmeric. This will give a sweet, slightly spicy taste to the infusion, which you must drink before each meal.

Marian Thistle Tea

This tea serves as a stomach reconstituent thanks to its astringent properties. Symptoms of fatty liver include lack of appetite, nausea, and vomiting.

You only need two teaspoons of milk thistle seeds to prepare an infusion that will have a very positive effect on your liver. The most appropriate way to consume it is before each meal.


Peppermint is an excellent digestive, as it contains a significant amount of bitter substances that benefit the work of the gallbladder and liver. You can consume in infusions of mint leaves, or accompanied with melon juice, which is known to be an excellent gastric protector.

The juice of melon and mint can accompany meals or be a refreshing drink for snack, so you can consume it three to five times a day with little sugar, as melon is a fairly sweet fruit and pleasant to the palate.


Fenugreek is rich in amino acids such as 4-Hydroxyisoleucine, which is a powerful ally for normalizing the values of glucose, triglycerides, and cholesterol in the blood, which cause fatty liver.

Fenugreek tea can be consumed before each meal. You only need to make an infusion with 25 grams of fenugreek seeds or you can incorporate them in powder in drinks, soups or salads throughout the day. Fenugreek is contraindicated in case of lactation or pregnancy.

Spagula Tea

The shell of the ispagula seed has extremely beneficial properties for the liver. This helps lower the body's cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It is especially beneficial in preventing the onset of the disease when you maintain a balanced diet and constant physical activity.

The recommended daily intake is 10 grams. You must prepare it in an infusion that you will have to boil and consume without sugar.

You should only consume it twice a day at the most. The ispagula is contraindicated in cases of constipation or intestinal inflammation.


Artichokes have effective anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties to treat the appearance of some of the symptoms of fatty liver such as decreased appetite, nausea and vomiting, as well as to help the liver filter impurities that enter the body through food.

The best known way to consume them in treatment for fatty liver is by making a drink based on hot water and artichokes that can be consumed hot, tea or as a cold drink.


The dandelion is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, highly effective to treat all types of liver and stomach diseases by eliminating toxins, the way to consume it is with a warm infusion, which can accompany honey and chamomile.

Dandelion helps prevent fluid retention in the liver, which prevents it from deteriorating. It should be taken twice a day for no longer than two weeks.


Boldo not only helps the liver better assimilate fats by preventing them from accumulating in liver cells, but also benefits the work done by the gallbladder.

In order to consume boldo it is necessary to make an infusion with a spoonful of its leaves. The recommended dose to treat fatty liver is two cups daily for three weeks.


A recommendation widely disseminated by experts is to consume plenty of fiber, since it is able to drag the fat that is housed in the tissues of the body, benefiting the work of the liver.

oatmeal is rich in fibre and can be consumed in a refreshing drink with water and cinnamon. You can consume it with your meals and before going to bed. The fibre in oats positively favours digestion.

Papaya or Milky

Milk is a powerful natural antioxidant and detoxifier that can help reduce the presence of fat or toxins that affect liver activity. You can eat it whole, in fruit salads or in juices during meals.

If you add the papaya seeds to the juice, it will acquire a slightly fermented flavor. The papaya is a very sweet fruit, therefore it is not necessary to incorporate sugar. In addition to these papaya is an effective stomach protector.


Radish is a natural purifier, especially effective for removing the preservatives and colouring agents used to prepare processed and vacuum-packed foods.

It is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight free radicals that are housed in all kinds of chemicals and a very effective natural detoxifier.

For these reasons horseradish is effective in decongesting and eliminating toxins that lodge in our liver, prevent its proper functioning and diminish its ability to eliminate body fat.


The naringenine contained in grapefruit is effective in reducing fatty acids and decreasing body fat, which can benefit liver processes.

It is also beneficial in attenuating the metabolic syndrome, which directly affects liver function. You can consume grapefruit juice with honey, or eat one grapefruit a day to benefit from its properties.


Ginger is a powerful natural antioxidant, which helps keep the liver healthy and to its full potential. It is also excellent for fighting triglycerides and cholesterol, which benefits the elimination of fat by liver cells.

Grind or grate two tablespoons of ginger and pour them into boiling water to prepare an infusion to be taken twice a day during the treatment of fatty liver. You can use it as a salad dressing and to season some foods.

Beetroot or Beetroot

Beet is known as a powerful natural depurative, diuretic and antioxidant. Consuming beetroot, either in salads or in juice (which you can combine with carrots and orange juice to give it even more beneficial properties for your health) helps the liver to purify itself and eliminate excess body fat.

Recommendations for avoiding and curing fatty liver

You must understand that fatty liver has a cure, especially when it is in its early stages. For this reason, specialists stress the importance of modifying certain eating and behavior patterns in people who suffer from it.

Some of the things that are recommended both to treat fatty liver and to prevent the onset of this disease are the following.

Eat Healthy

The main recommendation that we give you and that the experts will indicate, is to change the daily diet. Fatty liver originates when we require the body to consume too much high-fat food. These are mainly fried meats, flour, sauces and creams.

Incidentally, processed foods are high in fats and carbohydrates, which are excessively harmful to health.

In this sense, what experts recommend is to modify the consumption of these foods, incorporating whole foods such as rice, wheat flour, abundant fruits and vegetables, white meats such as fish and milk and their skimmed derivatives. red meats, white bread, sausages, butter and frozen foods are harmful to liver health.


One of the main recommendations to avoid the appearance of fat in the liver is, in addition to a diet with low amounts of fried foods, exercise. Cardiovascular physical activities are the most recommended for fat burning.

Swimming, cycling, marathon and walking are best suited to stimulate weight loss.

There is no need for intensive days of exercise. In fact, experts recommend a routine that ranges from 20 minutes to start and progressively increase the intensity of the exercises up to an average of 45 minutes. That would be more than enough to lead a healthy life.

Do not consume substances harmful to health.

One of the main causes of liver malfunction is the consumption of substances toxic to the body. This is because they contain a high percentage of free radicals, which damage healthy cells.

This is the main cause of the deterioration of the cellular tissue that conforms the organism and with it, the appearance of degenerative diseases such as cancer and fatty liver.

The substances that can cause damage to the liver are mainly alcohol and cigarettes, as they force the body to filter the impurities that enter it through the liver and kidneys, which is why it is so common to see all kinds of kidney and liver diseases in people who abuse these substances.

It is best to completely eliminate the consumption of these substances, as this will improve your quality of life.  Remember that the most important remedy to cure any disease is prevention. Living a healthy life is synonymous with avoiding excesses.

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