Home remedies for naturally eliminating calluses

Remedies for naturally eliminating calluses

Summer is approaching, you want to buy some nice sandals or flip flops and you do not know what to do because your feet are calloused?

Do you mind wearing shoes because of corns? Don’t worry, here we give you the solution for those horrible calluses.

eliminating calluses
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Discover 9 homemade secrets to get the calluses out of your feet without any pain:

  1. A homemade trick to disappear calluses, is rubbing every night half an onion cover over the calloused feet. You can cover your feet with plastic bags so as not to stain the sheets. Do it every day before bedtime and you’ll see the calluses disappear.
  2. The tomato will also help us fight corns in a natural way. Make a paste with the tomato, put it on the calluses and bandage or cover your feet. Do this homemade trick every night until you see the callus and nail disappear.
  3. Garlic will deflate the corn and also erase it completely. Cut a clove of garlic into small slices and put it on top of your corn. Bandage your calloused feet and the next day rinse with warm water. This natural remedy for removing calluses should be used at night, 4 times a week.
  4. Chamomile is a natural anti-inflammatory to heal corns, as well as soften the skin. Boil 4 tablespoons of chamomile in 1 litre of hot water, pour the liquid into a tub or bucket and tuck your feet in until the water is cold. Finally rub calluses gently with a pumice stone for 10 minutes and pour moisturizing cream on your feet massaging gently.
  5. You can use the fig leaf to make calluses disappear. Apply this milky juice that comes out when you cut a fig leaf and with this milk rub your calluses. Do it every day and you’ll see the effect.
  6. The lemon, due to the citrus it possesses, will gradually eliminate the callus. Therefore, before going to bed, place a slice of lemon on your callus, put on a bandage so that the lemon does not move and is fixed and let it act all night on the callus.
  7. Castor oil will help erase calluses. Rub your calluses with castor oil twice a day to soften the callus, and remove it. You’ll find that castor oil will also moisturize your feet and leave them softer.
  8. The papaya will also help us to put an end to those horrible calluses that bother us so much. Put papaya slices on the callus and bandage. He does this homemade tip twice a week. The papaya will help to reduce the thickness of your callus and will gradually eliminate it, so be constant.
  9. Crush 4 aspirins, they should be like powder, add half a lemon until a paste is made. Pour it over the calluses and cover it with a plastic wrap. Put a hot water bottle for fifteen minutes on your feet to help soften corns. Finally, with the help of a pumice stone, rub the calluses gently and end up hydrating your feet. Aspirin is very effective in fighting and preventing corns.


All patients suffering from diabetes are not advised to eliminate corns with any home treatment as it could produce an allergy or infection in them. If you are a patient with diabetes, please use an experienced podiatrist to treat callus problems.

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