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Home Remedies for Osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis is a degenerative rheumatic disease characterized by injury to the cartilage of the joints. The joints are components of the skeleton that allow the movement of the human being.

Inside the joints is a fluid produced by the synovial gland. This one works like a “lubricant.” This prevents cartilage and other joint tissues from having excessive friction with each other.

Home Remedies for Osteoarthritis

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When there is insufficient synovial fluid or the joints are injured, various diseases arise that reduce mobility, cause excessive pain and great stiffness in those who suffer it.

One of the best-known rheumatic diseases is osteoarthritis, which usually focuses on the lumbar and cervical region of the spine, although it can occur in the hands, hip, or knees.

The main symptom of osteoarthritis is mechanical pain, that is, it starts with movement and decreases with rest. Today we will show you some of the most common home remedies to treat osteoarthritis and reduce the pain it causes.

Visit a spa or SPA

Thermal spas are excellent for reducing the frequency of pain caused by osteoarthritis. Thermal waters are rich in minerals, which is why they are beneficial for the body. Many natural and non-pharmacological treatments are accompanied by thermal water therapy.

These are excellent for reducing stress and relaxing muscles, which is extremely beneficial for health and reducing pressure on joints.

On the other hand, the SPAs have different techniques of hydrotherapy that, although they do not contain the mineral plus that the thermal waters have, they help to reduce the stress and the muscular tension; mainly responsible for the episodes of osteoarthritis.

Birch Leaves

Birch leaves are rich in antioxidants and contain anti-inflammatory properties, which is why they are a home remedy that you can incorporate into your diet. This is due to its large amount of flavonoids and potassium salts.

The way to consume them is by making tea infusions. Two cups of birch tea a day are recommended, better if the infusion is accompanied by horsetail and fennel. Birch sap is also beneficial for treating osteoarthritis and other disorders such as gout.

Evening Primrose Seed Oil

Evening primrose is an excellent flower for treating osteoarthritis, due to its large amount of anti-inflammatories. The oil in its seeds is obtained through cold pressing.

An interesting feature of this oil is that it is compatible with pharmacological treatments for osteoarthritis, which makes it proof of side effects and unfavorable reactions. You can consume it in the form of oil pearls. The recommended dosage is 6 grams daily.

Cayenne pepper

The cayenne pepper can be used to treat topically the ailment of osteoarthritis. Apply it on the skin in the form of ointment and will act on nerve receptors in the affected area.

Cayenne has antioxidant properties, which serve to regenerate tissues and prevent the action of free radicals on the cells of the body. Its anti-inflammatory properties have been proven as or more effective than those of any topical medication.

Ash Leaves

You can also make tea infusions with ash leaves. Ash has a large amount of anti-inflammatories and is considered a powerful natural analgesic, as it helps to alleviate the persistent pain caused by osteoarthritis.

Consume at least three cups of ash infusion daily to relieve pain. It can be combined with birch, conferring the benefits of both plants to the infusion. Ash can be applied in compresses on the region affected by osteoarthritis.


Horsetail is traditionally known as the most effective herb for fighting muscle and joint pain. You can prepare horsetail infusion, or incorporate it as an ingredient to other infusions. It is advisable to consume one cup of horsetail infusion a day.

Hot and cold water compresses

The change in temperature in the affected region may stimulate muscle relaxation. Use ice packs for periods not exceeding 20 minutes and then you can heat the compress and apply it warm on the affected joint.

This will cause great relaxation and a gradual decrease in pain. Some professional massages to relieve osteoarthritis are performed using hot and cold oils in the affected area to cause further relaxation.

Conduct low-impact exercises

Physical activity can be beneficial in stimulating and maintaining toned muscles. This results in a better quality of life and an exponential decrease in muscle tension.

If you suffer from osteoarthritis, a daily walk of ten to twenty minutes can be beneficial to your health. Riding a bicycle will help you treat osteoarthritis of the hips and knee, if you have one.


Arnica is a flower similar to daisy or sunflowers originating in Europe and some regions of the Americas with great anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It also stimulates blood supply, which is beneficial for health.

You can make an arnica ointment to treat your osteoarthritis with beeswax, olive oil and some arnica flowers. Place the flowers in a bain-marie with the olive oil for a few minutes.

When the mixture is warm, strain the flowers and incorporate the beeswax into the mixture and wait for it to melt. When it is hot, you can pack and store the mixture in a cool, dark place for storage.


Rosemary is a very delicious and aromatic spice, frequently used in Mediterranean food. It is associated with medicinal properties and is used both for cooking and to treat diseases such as osteoarthritis thanks to its analgesic properties.

To treat osteoarthritis consume it in an infusion accompanied by sage, which has anti-inflammatory properties that enhance the healing properties of rosemary. The taste of this infusion is very pleasant to the palate. The recommended dosage is two cups a day.


Turmeric is a spice native to India, highly valued in oriental cuisine and with great reception in western food due to its sweet and slightly spicy flavor.

This spice is especially delicious in dishes like chicken and grains like lentils. In traditional Indian medicine (ayurveda) it is highly valued for treating all kinds of ailments, especially those related to muscle aches.

Turmeric tea has a pleasant, sweet and slightly spicy taste. It is as effective and powerful as ibuprofen, without the negative consequences of taking this type of drug.


Ginger is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories and analgesics that exist in nature, you can also find it in virtually any market or sale of vegetables, as it is highly valued as a spice and medicinal remedy.

Due to its characteristics it is ideal for muscle and joint pain. You can consume it in tea infusions or taste water in the company of grated ginger with honey. It is also a powerful expectorant, ideal for treating coughs.


Flaxseed is extremely cheap and can be found in any health food store. This seed is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory, thanks to its high content of polyunsaturated acids such as omega 3, which helps to stimulate blood circulation and thereby reduce inflammation.

One of the main causes of inflammation in tissues, especially joints, is the excessive presence of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood. Flaxseed helps to reduce these levels and thereby improve the quality of life of those who consume it.

Two tablespoons of flaxseed a day will help reduce the inflammation and pain caused by osteoarthritis.

Recommendations for treating osteoarthritis

Just as there are different home remedies to treat this pathology, there are some practices that you can do to improve your quality of life and help reduce the appearance of symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Maintain a positive attitude

One of the main causes of osteoarthritis is stress. It has been determined that one of the main causes of all types of degenerative diseases is excessive stress and emotional imbalance.

It’s important to keep your mind busy with extracurricular activities that are rewarding to you. Practicing breathing exercises and doing mild stretching exercises can help reduce muscle tension and thereby benefit your joints.

Wear appropriate footwear

It is not recommended that you wear shoes with high heels, as well as elastic shoes. The most recommended shoes are firm and nonsynthetic materials such as leather.

Don’t carry too much weight on you

Excessive physical exertion can be detrimental to the joints. Therefore you should not carry extra weight when you make purchases, use a shopping cart or basket.

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