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  1. Remedies for Sinusitis
    1. Eucalyptus
    2. Homemade saline solution
    3. Essential oils of aromatic herbs
    4. Garlic
    5. Cayenne pepper
    6. Honey
    7. Ginger
    8. Green Tea
    9. Radish
    10. Basil
    11. Apple Vinegar
    12. Pineapple
    13. Olive Oil
    14. Recommendations for treating Sinusitis
    15. Get plenty of rest
    16. Stay hydrated
    17. Eat your food warm
    18. Home remedy for acute sinusitis
    19. Ingredients
    20. Preparation mode
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Remedies for Sinusitis

Sinusitis is a condition characterized by inflammation of the tissue of the paranasal sinuses, a space that fills with air in the skull.

The main cause of this inflammation is due to the appearance of fungi, viruses, or bacteria.


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The paranasal sinuses are behind the forehead, cheeks, nose bones and eyes.

When the paranasal sinuses are completely healthy, they allow the passage of air and eliminate the mucous membrane preventing obstruction.

However, when pathogens lodge in them, they cause inflammation, making it difficult for air to pass through and for mucus to clear.

The symptoms of sinusitis are pain in the region of the face, head, neck, fever above 38°, bad breath, excessive mucus, general malaise and cough.

There are two types of sinusitis, acute sinusitis, which does not last more than three or four weeks, and chronic sinusitis, which is characterized by aggravation of inflammation and persistence of the disease for more than three months.

In the chronic case, doctors may recommend surgery, which can be dangerous.

However, it has been proven that natural medicine is an excellent alternative treatment to surgery that becomes a powerful ally to the antibiotic treatment prescribed before deciding to operate.

Below we will show you the most effective home remedies to cure sinusitis and some tips to benefit the treatment.


Eucalyptus is one of the most effective remedies for treating sinusitis, due to its decongestant, expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The most common way to treat sinusitis with eucalyptus is to breathe eucalyptus vapors and boiled water.  To do this you only need several branches of eucalyptus, place them in a pot with water and wait for the mixture to boil.

You should breathe the eucalyptus vapour by covering your head with a cloth, bringing your face as close to the pot as possible, its smell is mentholated and strong, but it clears the airways almost immediately, being able to expel excess mucous quickly.

Perform this process three times a day for no more than 20 minutes, as boiling water can suffocate you and if you are not careful you can irritate your face due to the heat.

Cases of chronic sinusitis are known to have healed and thus avoided surgical intervention thanks to the powerful decongestant effect of eucalyptus.

To improve its effects, you can consume infusions of eucalyptus accompanied with honey, which is a powerful expectorant and natural antibiotic. Eucalyptus essential oil is a great anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, which you can also incorporate into your treatment.

Homemade saline solution

To make a saline solution all you need is water and a little salt or baking soda. You must heat the mixture until it is warm and apply it to the nostrils. This will help clear the airways by removing all kinds of impurities, such as mucous membranes, making it easier for you to breathe.

Essential oils of aromatic herbs

Essential oils from herbs such as lavender or lemon are excellent natural remedies for nasal congestion. For example, lavender is a natural painkiller that helps reconcile rest and lemon essential oil acts as an effective analgesic and antibiotic.


Garlic is undoubtedly a blessing of nature. This is due to its enormous amount of health-promoting properties. Garlic is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, which can help treat cardiovascular disease.

In fact, many doctors recommend the use of garlic tablets as a companion or temporary substitute for hypertension treatments.

In addition, garlic is a natural antibiotic that is effective against all types of viral, microbial, fungal and bacterial infections. Therefore, it is widely used in the company of honey or lemon to treat all kinds of pathogenic diseases.

In that sense, considering that garlic is a powerful anti-inflammatory and an effective natural antibiotic, it can be used to address the main symptoms and causes of sinusitis: inflammation of the airways by the presence of pathogens such as viruses, fungi, bacteria or microbes.

You can use garlic oil by applying a couple of drops to the nostrils. You can also consume one pure garlic clove a day both to benefit the antibiotic treatment and to prevent the onset of the disease.

Cayenne pepper

Pepper is an excellent natural decongestant, so it is excellent for cleaning impurities that lodge in the sinuses very quickly. You can consume it in infusion, accompanying it with two spoonfuls of honey and lemon juice.

Adding these elements to the infusion gives the mixture antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. You can consume cayenne pepper infusion whenever you feel congested, especially at night, when its presence in the body is usually most annoying.


Honey is a natural antibacterial, which can relieve the inflammation of the sinuses and throat that often causes sinusitis. You can consume two pure spoonfuls of honey a day, as if it were syrup, or you can prepare an infusion of lemon and honey and consume this mixture three times a day.

Honey also serves as a natural sweetener for all kinds of remedies that relieve the symptoms of sinusitis and which we will discuss later, such as ginger, green tea and basil, which we will discuss later.


Ginger is an excellent ally to combat sinusitis due to its extensive healing properties, which help reduce inflammation of the sinuses, decongest the airways and facilitate the expulsion of excess mucus in the body.

You can consume it in infusions sweetened with honey because it adds antibacterial properties to the mixture. The proper amount of ginger infusion you must consume to see its positive effects is three cups a day. You can also consume pure ginger pieces during treatment, or as a preventive measure.

Green Tea

Green tea is known throughout the world for its extensive healing properties, which make it effective both for weight loss, as to treat all types of diseases, such as sinusitis.

This is due to its enormous amount of antioxidants, which is beneficial for the regeneration of cells, which allow the proper functioning of the body, which includes the immune system.

The recommended amount of green tea is two tablespoons per cup. You should use it three to four times a day while you are treating the disease.


The horseradish has in its composition different elements that give it decongestant properties, which translates into a more effective elimination of excess mucus that inflames the airways.

To use the radish in the treatment of sinusitis you must crush it in the company of onion (which is also antiviral and expectorant) until you obtain a paste, which you must spread over the region where the paranasal sinuses are located.

The effect of this mixture is almost instantaneous. Although it is advisable to do it two to three times a day, you can do it before going to bed or before a hot bath. Remember that the onion has a strong odor that can be unpleasant, so take care where you perform this treatment.


Basil is excellent for treating pathogenic conditions caused by fungi or bacteria. Sinusitis can be caused by these harmful agents, which is why basil becomes an excellent natural remedy to remove them from the body if you suffer from it.

You can consume basil in infusion, using several leaves in the company of honey. The recommended dose in cases of acute sinusitis is one cup a day on an empty stomach. If the disease is very serious, you should consume this infusion three times a day to see favorable effects in the treatment.

Apple Vinegar

The enormous vitamin and mineral content contained in apple vinegar is very effective in reducing the symptoms caused by sinusitis by balancing the PH of the sinuses, thus decongesting the respiratory tract.

You should drink two teaspoons of vinegar and one cup of warm water three times a day. You can also gargle for better results twice a day, doing three repetitions each time.


Pineapple is a natural diuretic, which stimulates the elimination of toxins through sweating and urine. Its abundant content of the enzyme bromelain, makes it an excellent anti-inflammatory that you can incorporate into the treatment against sinusitis.

You can consume pineapple either by making infusions with its shell, juices, milkshakes, smoothies and/or consuming the whole fruit. Pineapple is excellent for breakfast or snack.

Olive Oil

The properties of olive oil have always made it an effective ally in combating all kinds of diseases, either by consuming it or using it to massage with it.

In cases of Sinusitis you can use it to massage the region of the sinuses, which will relieve the pressure and pain caused by inflammation, also stimulating the nasal decongestion.

Recommendations for treating Sinusitis

There are many things you can do to make sinusitis heal faster than expected, or they will serve as a preventative measure in healthy people. Remember that the best medicine for any disease is always prevention.

Get plenty of rest

One way to help treatment work more effectively and quickly is to rest. That is why doctors indicate absolute rest during the manifestation of the disease. The little rest weakens the body, as well as causing the lowering of defenses.

Stay hydrated

Experts recommend that, to maintain optimal health, you should consume plenty of fluids. The appropriate amount of water to be consumed daily is at least 2 litres.

Eat your food warm

Remember that eating warm food can be beneficial in decongesting the airways, as the steam that flows from them can help clear the airways and thereby eliminate excess mucus, pain and irritation.

An excellent home remedy for sinusitis is to cleanse the nose and sinuses with a mixture of warm water and salt, as it helps eliminate excess secretions and reduces inflammation, relieving symptoms such as pain and pressure on the face.

However, if the nose cannot be cleaned or if you prefer another type of treatment, there are other natural options, such as eucalyptus nebulization, nettle juice or chamomile tea, that can complete the treatment indicated by the doctor.

These medications can be used for about 2 weeks, but if there is no improvement in symptoms after 7 days, it is recommended that you consult your general practitioner or otolaryngologist to evaluate the problem and identify whether more specific medications need to be started.

Home remedy for acute sinusitis

A good home remedy for acute sinusitis, which arises from a moment to another, is to inhale eucalyptus vapor because it has expectorant and antiseptic properties, quickly relieving nasal congestion.

However, there are some people who may be more sensitive to the essential oil released by eucalyptus and, in these cases, there may be a worsening of symptoms. If this happens, avoid this inhalation.


  • 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil ;
  • 1 teaspoon of salt;
  • 1 litre of boiling water.

Preparation mode

Place the boiling water in a bowl and add the drops of the essential oil with the salt. It is important to breathe the steam as deeply as possible for up to 10 minutes, repeating 2 to 3 times a day.

If you do not have essential oil at home, it is also possible to do the inhalation by immersing some eucalyptus leaves in boiling water, because the natural oil of the plant will be transported by water vapor.

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