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Snoring is a daily annoyance suffered both by the person who suffers it and his companions when he sleeps.

It is estimated that the percentage of adults who snore occasionally is 45% and 25% are catalogued as frequent snorers.

Home remedies for snoring

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In the case of women 20% of them are affected by snoring and this percentage increases with age.

This problem becomes more frequent in countries where the obesity rate is on the rise due to the consumption of unhealthy foods for the human body.

Some people think that snoring is just a simple obstruction but this problem should not be taken lightly and effective solutions are needed.

To have a normal sleep pattern and avoid other long-term health problems there are a number of home remedies whose results are pleasurable.

What are snoring?

It is a natural phenomenon of acoustic type that is heard during sleep due to vibrations coming from the nasal and oral structures. These vibrations are generated by the obstruction of the airflow path.

In some cases snoring is related to sleep syndromes and other diseases that must be treated in time.

Causes of snoring

  • Sensitive throat that closes during rest.
  • Involuntary movements of the jaw during sleep caused by muscle tension in the neck.
  • Accumulated fat in the areas around the throat.
  • Nasal and oral airway obstruction.
  • OSA, also known as obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.
  • Narrow breathing canals where the lateral tissues collide with each other.
  • The use of relaxing substances such as alcohol that relax the muscles of the throat.

Types of snoring

There are two types of snoring:

  • Frequent snoring that is produced during the nights.
  • Occasional snoring caused by general tiredness or alcohol consumption. This kind of snoring is the most dangerous.

Home remedies to eliminate snoring

  1. Honey works as a very effective natural expectorant by eliminating phlegm and controlling irritations and throat infections, these factors are causes of snoring.

To apply just make an infusion with raspberry leaves and two small spoonfuls of honey mixed in a medium cup of lukewarm water.

  1. Peppermint and eucalyptus form a good team to fuse their expectorant properties that release the airways softening the throat.

To apply you need to make a mixture of mint, eucalyptus and water in equal parts to spray at the head of the bed before going to sleep.

Alternatively, mint and eucalyptus leaves can be purchased for steam inhalations.

  1. The onion is the classic treatment prescribed by grandmothers that can alleviate any problem, including snoring. One of the causes of snoring is congestion of the airways. Onions decongest the airways naturally.

To apply, cut the onion in half and sprinkle salt on it to then leave in a dish where there is good light.

  1. Olive oil is one of those healing 'potions' that make snoring disappear. The olive oil should be mixed with 50 grams of rue and placed in a hermetically sealed container of water.

The container with the mixture should be strained and left covered for two weeks and then applied to the fins of the nose, neck and neck before going to sleep.

  1. A homemade inhaler is another alternative for eliminating snoring and consists of a few simple ingredients: a small portion of sodium bicarbonate and half a tablespoon of salt in a glass of warm water.

It should be applied on the nose in small drops put with the hand before going to sleep. This method is for people who sleep with a stuffy nose.

  1. Sleeping with pillows requires no ingredients and is a casual object in the bedroom. This remedy is effective because the snoring is caused by problems in the duct where the air escapes.

To apply only one extra pillow should be placed on the head and neck to prevent the air duct from opening and eliminating snoring.

  1. Another non-ingredient remedy is to simply sleep on your side to stop snoring or at a minimum decrease the noise produced by snoring. When you sleep on your back, your tongue obstructs the passage of air, causing snoring.

Establishing this habit in the morning will make the snoring disappear naturally without having to ingest anything.

  1. The nettle infusion should be prepared with a glass of water and left to rest for ten minutes to drink the result. It is advisable to strain this remedy well as the nettle plant is thick.
  2. Losing weight is one of the most complicated methods but the results are favorable in many ways including the permanent elimination of snoring.

To apply this treatment you need to establish a daily diet, have commitment and effort to see the results in a short period of time. In the end, optimum physical conditions are obtained that are not affected by snoring.

  1. Reducing stomach acidity is recommended because it is related to the production of snoring. There are many treatments to relieve heartburn, some of them are natural and easy to prepare.

Before applying this treatment it is advisable to pay attention to the snoring that the person produces when sleeping since with the sound it can be detected which is the real cause of the snoring.

Other recommendations and tips for eliminating snoring

  • Stop smoking because it is a major cause of snoring.
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages at least before going to bed because it relaxes the tongue, causing airway obstruction.
  • Exercise that contributes to weight loss by disappearing snoring.
  • Avoid the use of nasal strips as their inefficiency has been proven.
  • Sleeping with a humidifier. This advice is considerable if the snoring is caused by a stuffy nose.

Apply surgery in special cases if a doctor considers the latter option.

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