Home Remedies for Sore Throat and Cough

Sore Throat and Cough

If you’re looking for home remedies for a sore throat and cough, it’s important to consider a few prior considerations.

Sore throat is a condition characterized by inflammation and irritation of the pharynx, as well as persistent difficulty speaking or swallowing.

This ailment is usually a symptom of an infection caused by different pathogens, such as influenza, mononucleosis and streptococcus.

Remedies for Sore Throat and Cough

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Some unhealthy practices may cause irritation and inflammation of the pharynx, including the use of many substances that are harmful to health, such as alcohol or tobacco.

Also, poor vocal hygiene or voice misuse can irritate the vocal cords and pharynx.

There are many ways to treat this pain, including the use of flu medication or drug supplements to reduce inflammation. However, some of these medications can be very expensive or harmful to long-term health.

Home remedies for sore throats are characterized by being healthy and not causing any secondary adverse reactions.

Next, we will tell you the most important to treat this condition and some recommendations to avoid its appearance.


Peppermint is an excellent natural analgesic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It can help reduce inflammation and soothe pain caused by irritation of the pharyngeal tract.

The most common way to consume it is in tea infusions that you can sweeten with honey, or sugar.

Experts recommend that you sweeten the infusion with honey to improve the effects. The daily dose is two to four cups per day, preferably in the morning or before bedtime.


Lemon is one of the most powerful allies of the throat thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

This citrus is rich in vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant and antiseptic, which is the most effective to combat the flu, one of the main causes of sore throat.

Lemon can be consumed in many ways to fight a sore throat. You can consume it pure, or in an infusion that you can accompany with some herbs such as mint and sweeten it with honey, which will not only give it a more pleasant taste, but will give it the healing properties of its companions.


Honey is recognized as a natural source of antioxidants, vitamins of all kinds (A,C,D and B complex), minerals and for its powerful antibacterial characteristics.

Consuming honey from bees will help reduce inflammation and pharyngeal pain, not to mention that it is excellent for destroying any pathogenic agent that lodges in your body.

To consume honey, you can do so in the company of some herbs or fruits, such as mint and lemon infusions before going to bed. You can also eat two pure spoonfuls a day.


Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can be found in many presentations and is available for sale virtually anywhere.

Consuming an infusion of ginger root twice a day for a week will greatly benefit the inflammation of the pharynx.

Other presentations of ginger are the spray, which you can get in pharmacies or health food stores and candies, which you can get in any health food store or grocery store. Its taste is pleasant, as it is slightly spicy, but sweet. You can accompany the infusion with honey to improve its effects.


The plantain is a medicinal plant par excellence, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, which are as effective as any pharmacological medicine.

You can consume it in an infusion three to five times a day for a week to reduce inflammation and irritation of the throat. Some people consume it in the company of ten drops of propolis, which will improve its effects.


Eucalyptus is the medicinal plant for respiratory diseases by nature. Its anti-inflammatory and decongestant effects are known, which is why it is used in natural medicine to treat sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis and influenza.

You can use eucalyptus to inhale its vapour, which will decongest the respiratory tract and positively benefit your treatment. You can also consume eucalyptus tea sweetened with honey, which will generate an immediate anti-inflammatory effect.

This plant is very strong, so we only recommend consuming one cup of tea a day, during the night.


Like all citrus fruits, grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, one of nature’s most powerful antiseptics and antioxidants.

Not only does it help to treat all kinds of respiratory diseases such as the flu, but it also benefits the cellular regeneration of the organism and prevents all kinds of degenerative diseases.

You can consume a daily grapefruit or accompany your meals with a glass of grapefruit juice, which will help eliminate all kinds of pathogens from your body. Grapefruit is an excellent anti-inflammatory, which relieves sore throat and irritation.

Salvia and Sea Salt

Sage and sea salt have astringent properties, which relieve sore throat. You can gargle this mixture to relieve pain and reduce inflammation of the tissues. We recommend gargle at least twice a day.


Chamomile is a plant frequently associated with natural medicine thanks to its anti-inflammatory, calming and analgesic effect on the body.

You can take chamomile infusion or gargle with it to cleanse the oral tract. Perform two gargle per session and use new tea each time you perform the treatment.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate is highly used in cooking and natural medicine for its great effectiveness in destroying the bacteria that cause the vast majority of oral infections, which cause sore throats.

You should gargle with baking soda and a cup of warm water. Mix the baking soda until it dissolves and gargle twice in a row. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect of bicarbonate will powerfully benefit your throat.


Vinegar is a powerful antiseptic, which is why it is widely used not only in gastronomy, but also in household cleaning, food care, conservation and cleaning, as well as in natural medicine.

To take advantage of the properties of vinegar in any of its presentations (whether white or apple) to treat sore throats, you can gargle with it twice a day. Its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect will generate relief and immediate results.


Arnica is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic especially effective against oral infections.

This is a flower native of Europe that has been cultivated in the American continent for its beneficial properties for the health. Arnica is used in gargle to treat the throat.

The recommended dose for use is at least two sessions of gargle infused with warm arnica per day for the duration of the disease.

It is contraindicated in people with swallowing difficulties and in children under five years of age.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is effective in combating all types of infections. You can gargle hydrogen peroxide mixed with warm water, doing three repetitions once a day.

Recommendations to take care of the throat

In order to avoid a sore throat you must take into consideration some preventive measures to avoid the irritation and inflammation that cause it. Remember that the best home remedy is to “cure in health”.

Wrap yourself up.

When it is very cold the humidity increases, which is a breeding ground for contracting all kinds of infectious diseases. That’s why when it’s cold it’s important to stay warm, to avoid the interference of diseases in the body.

Avoids the consumption of substances harmful to health

The consumption of substances such as cigarettes or alcoholic beverages dry the throat, causing irritation and inflammation and in severe cases, can cause chronic and degenerative diseases such as cancer.

There is a popular belief that consuming pure alcoholic beverages can “warm the voice,” yet voice care experts say it only irritates the vocal cords and inflames the pharyngeal tract.

To maintain excellent vocal and oral health, it is very important to keep the pharynx and vocal cords hydrated with plenty of water at room temperature.

That’s one of the best ways to prevent any irritation, whether it’s from the abuse of harmful substances or the appearance of pathogens.

Take care of oral hygiene

Many pathogens enter our body through the mouth, not only when we consume food, but when we breathe or when we yawn and unfortunately the environment is extremely polluted. The healthiest thing you can do is to maintain proper oral hygiene.

The cleaning of the mouth is essential to avoid any distortion of the health of the pharynx.

It is very important that you brush daily and three times a day, in order to avoid that the bacteria that lodge in the mouth develop and with it produce infectious pictures.

Don’t abuse your voice

Another cause of throat irritation and swelling is excessive use of the voice, without knowing the correct way to use it.

If you make excessive use of your voice (speakers, singers, teachers and speakers use your voice as their main working tool), try not to shout, not to reveal yourself and use your breathing correctly, as these erroneous practices can cause fatigue and irritation.

If you have doubts about how to use your voice correctly, consult a speech therapist about the exercises and the most appropriate way to train your voice and prevent any type of injury.

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