How to remove a grease stain on clothing

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  1. Remove a grease stain on clothing
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Remove a grease stain on clothing

When we stain one of our clothes it is inevitable not to complain and immediately think: what if it doesn't come out? The truth is that depending on what you have soiled your clothes with, it is easier or harder to remove the stain.

Grease, unfortunately, is very complicated to eliminate, but with these tricks you can achieve it without much work: let's get to work!

remove a grease stain on clothing

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Remove a grease stain on clothing

1 If food is involved, carefully remove any remaining solids with a knife.

2 Place the stain down on absorbent paper.

3 Apply a small amount of dishwasher liquid or hand soap to the back of the stain. Let him act for a minute.

4 If the stain is very large, add detergent in that area before putting the piece of clothing to be washed.

5 Use hot or lukewarm water, depending on the label on your clothes, to prevent damage.

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