How to remove glue from plastic

Remove glue from plastic

Have you removed a sticker from any plastic jar and you have traces of glue left? You have probably tried to wash the plastic well so that the glue disappears but it is still present.

So, how do you remove glue from the plastic? Attentive because we explain it to you step by step and in an easy way.

remove glue from plastic
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Plastic glue

The traces of glue on plastic can become much more common than we might think. Not only because, as we have mentioned, we may tear out a sticker or label from a plastic container and the remains of the glue remain, but also because you may be working on any plastic manual and drops of more glue may fall which you then want to eliminate for example.

So let’s now look at how plastic glue residues can be easily and simply removed. Think of plastic as a material that if we scratch too much it can easily end up scratching itself, so we give you remedies where you’re hardly going to have to scratch anything.

Steps to remove glue from plastic

There are several remedies with which we can remove traces of glue from the plastic but perhaps among the most effective we have for example makeup removing milk or toothpaste or even baking soda.

Choose one of these three products, mixed with a few drops of water and with the help of a steel wool you can remove all traces of glue.

Apply the mixture of the chosen household remedy and water over the plastic that has the glue and make a circular motion with the scouring pad to progressively eliminate any glue residue from the affected area.

Avoid rubbing with excessive force, in order to preserve the colors and quality of the plastic surface.

Naturally, each type of glue reacts differently. If you need to remove strong bonding glue from any plastic element, it will be useful to prepare a solution based on hot water and dishwashing soap. You can add baking soda or vinegar, which is effective in removing the most difficult waste.

On the other hand, if you have removed a label from any plastic bottle and there are still some traces of its glue or pieces of glue, you have another remedy that consists of preparing a container with hot water and a few drops of soap to wash dishes: simply let the container soak to eliminate glue residues without difficulty. With a sponge and a pinch of baking soda, your plastic pieces will be fine again and immediately ready for reuse.

But never use a fork-like tool, knife or cutter to scrape glue no matter how thick a drop. You can damage the plastic and even break it.

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