How to remove gum from your clothes

Remove gum from your clothes

Apiece of gum stuck to any of our garments can turn into a nightmare.

However, it is not a reason to throw it away or replace the affected part, as you can remove it with very useful and effective homemade recipes.

Remove gum from your clothes
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Using the iron

– Locate well the area where it is stuck.

– While the iron heats up, place a cardboard in the part where the gum is and turn the garment so that the cardboard is on the ironing table.

– Roll the iron over the gum and leave it for a few seconds. You may have to repeat it several times if the gum is too sticky.

– The result is that the gum will stick to the cardboard and your garment clean and ironed.

With liquid soap

– Cover the gum area well with either laundry or hand soap.
– Brush well with a hard bristle brush and rub hard so that the soap penetrates the gum particles.

– With a wooden or plastic spatula proceed to remove it, being very careful not to make a hole in the garment. If it does not come out completely, add a little more soap and repeat the process with the brush. You can let him act for a few minutes, too.

Using ice

– Place the garment in a plastic bag, with the affected part already located. It avoids that it is in direct contact with the bag because it will remain stuck.

– Put it in the freezer for a few hours, until you notice that the gum has hardened. Take out the bag and the garment.

– Using a wooden or plastic spatula, carefully remove the chewing gum so that it can be removed.

– You can also cover an ice cube with a bag or towel, so that the gum does not get wet. Then pass it right into the affected area. The idea is for the dry cold to remove the gum more easily.

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