How to remove household moths

Remove household moths

They are one of the most common pests in homes.

Moths are insects that look for dark places like closets and cupboards. These can damage both clothes and food, so it is advisable to be aware of their appearance to keep them away.

remove household moths

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Some home remedies to eliminate house moths:

Prevention: is the best way to avoid them and, among the things that can be done are:

  • Keep pantries and cabinets clean and disinfected.
  • Do not store soiled clothing.
  • Try not to have wet spots in the house.
  • Use plastic bags to store and check that food has not expired.

Remove them from clothing: they are one of the most inconvenient species, as they can infect entire closets. Some products you can use:

  • Lavender sacks: Hang in the wardrobes or put in the drawers cloth sacks filled with this aromatic herb as a repellent.
  • Orange and lemon peels: You can also put them in a cloth bag to avoid stains on your clothes. This trick, in addition to scaring away moths, will also give a subtle aroma to the inside of closets.
  • Cedar oil: Just place a glass container with drops of this oil.
  • Scent cloves: Put the scent cloves in the pockets of wool garments and coats, mainly, thus keeping the moths away from the most vulnerable fabrics.

Kitchen cabinets:

  • It is essential to keep the pantry clean and to keep food in airtight containers.
  • The main products at risk are cereals, flour, rice and other dry products. Silk webs or ribbons are a sign that the food moth resides there. If so, it’s best to discard them.

Other Options:

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